You are your Child's first Teacher


Rahima Baldwin Dancy has just put out the third edition of You Are Your Child's First Teacher. This definitely-on-its-way-to-classichood book is a must for parents of young children. It has been updated and expanded, so mosey on over and buy it - you won't have any regrets.

You can also check out her website Waldorf in the Home.

“This is a terrific book, packed with commonsense advice on the real basics of healthy mental and emotional development. Rahima is a wise and knowledgeable guide for parents struggling to raise good kids in a challenging world. Someday your children will thank you for reading this book!”
—Jane M. Healy, PhD, author of Different Learners and Your Child’s Growing Mind

“Here is an extraordinary work for those who want to develop a truly intelligent child and, in the process, unlock new levels of their own intelligence and spirit.”
—Joseph Chilton Pearce, author of The Magical Child


Waldorf in the Home: Resources for Nourishing Family Life has posted an overview of my books. Thanks guys! Check out their website for useful blogs, notices on upcoming conferences, books, homeshooling, and more.

Tiptoes Lightly at Decatur Book Festival, Atlanta

Sept 2012: Tiptoes Lightly made a visit to the Decatur Book Festival at the booth of The Waldorf School of Atlanta. She sold up a storm and reports that a lovely time was had by all! Thanks to Rhonda Wildman and Stacey Alson for initiating and arranging. Now that the fun is over they are back at school and working up some elbow grease.

Decatur Book Festival - Atlanta.JPG