Reviews of Reg Down's Books

Here are a selection of reviews. Only about 0.1% of people write a review - so thank you to all those folk who have taken the time to write one. It's much appreciated and definitely makes a difference.

The Alphabet:
how Pine Cone and Pepper Pot (with the help of Tiptoes Lightly and Farmer John)
learned Tom Nutcracker and June Berry their letters

"The Alphabet is very highly recommended and is as subtly educational as it is sheer fun!" Midwest Book Review

"If Waldorf Today awarded a Children's Book of the Year, The Alphabet would be the hands-down choice for 2015!"  Waldorf Today

"Charming Characters, Great Story - our Favorite Book: My 5 year old LOVES this book. The characters are charming, quirky, and full of life. We've been doing a chapter a week, to practice writing each letter, and she's on the edge of her seat waiting to see what the next chapter holds. We've gone back and read past chapters again and again-- which is great for practice and fun for her to hear the story. Pine Cone and Pepper Pot are well-loved characters here for their silly nature and their crazy ideas of ways to remember how to write each letter. Now that my daughter has images to put to each letter, and stories, she's remembering how to write them with delight." Amazon Review

"I would absolutely recommend this book. I rarely (if ever) buy books new over $10, but the book has been worth every penny and I would absolutely purchase it again!" Amazon Review

"As huge fans this book does not disappoint. Great story with beautiful illustrations. A much have for your personal library." Amazon Review

"This book is delightful! We have a couple other Reg Down books, and this is a great addition to our collection. I have 3 boys (8, 5, 2) and they have enjoyed this book a lot!! Lots of laughter and smiles!" Amazon Review

"My son is in 1st grade at a Waldorf school and this is the perfect book to accompany his learning of the alphabet. We read B and D last night, and he was recanting the stories this morning at breakfast and still laughing at the 'waddle waddle quack quack duck' line. The stories are a good length for this age, and even my older son enjoyed hearing these and remembering when he had stories for his letters." Amazon Review

"You will not regret this purchase. My boys, ages 9,6 and 2 ADORE the funny stories associated with each letter of the Alphabet. Such a wonderful purchase to use with learning the Alphabet and preparation for reading. Enjoyable for years afterward as well. Thanks Mr Down!!" Amazon Review

"Keeping the magic alive! Love all the Reg Down books and bought this one for my son who is now starting the 1st grade." Amazon Review

"Wonderful book!!! What a fantastic and fun book! My 6 and 2 year old have loved it!!!! Will be getting more from this author!" Amazon Review

"My son loves this book! We homeschool and it works well with learning the alphabet." Amazon Review

"Captivating story. One of my favorite Waldorf homeschool tools to date." Amazon Review

"The best way for children to learn their letters." Amazon Review

The Tales of Tiptoes Lightly

Renewal: The Journal for Waldorf Education doesn’t usually publish stories. But children in Waldorf Schools are nourished every day by stories, and we adults, too, need a story now and then, especially one that inspires wonder and joy at nature and stimulates our imaginative capacity for forming inner pictures. So here is a little tale about a fairy named Tiptoes Lightly, who lives in an acorn at the top of a great oak tree…”  Ronald Koetzsch, Editor

“I wish there was something like this (Tiptoes Lightly) when my two children were growing up. It’s a wonderful book.” Louise Riveiro-Mitchell – author of ‘Autumn Sky’ Book Review Cafe

“Our preschooler hasn’t been a big chapter-book fan, but she routinely asked for another Tiptoes Story.” “Borrow or Buy?: Buy!  It’s a great way to introduce the chapter book concept to young readers and will be a book that middle-readers will enjoy a second (or third) time around.” The Reading Tub Review

"I could write a novel on how much I love this book. Actually, anything by Reg Down will knock your socks off. Tiptoes is a fairy. She has two gnome friends called “Pine Cone” and “Pepper Pot.” They go on simple adventures in acorn shells, to help bee “find his buzz” (for example). My children, ranging in ages from 2 to 11, cannot get enough of these books. We read them again and again and again. They sit riveted. They crack up laughing. They talk about these characters through the day. These books spark imagination: Real, living imagination. The illustrations, characters and plots are simple, endearing and creative. I can't recommend them enough, and these books will stay on my shelves forever, for my grandkids and hopefully beyond." Janelle Hanchett, All Parenting

"Fabulous book! This is an amazing, wonderful, peaceful book! It's just so simple and lovely. ... My daughter's had these books since she was 3, she's now 7 and still loves them. I will save them for my grandchildren!" Amazon Review

“I read these stories to the children in my class every week for a whole year – they loved them! Their faces shone with obvious delight – I recommend them highly.” Miki Higashine - grade school teacher

“For five years the children in my kindergarten delighted in experiencing the adventures of Tiptoes and her many friends. These tales are filled with wonder, magic and joy.”  Susan Rice - kindergarten teacher

“Reg Down has created a magical world where children can be nurtured through storytelling.” Margarita Cervantes - kindergarten teacher

"Excellent writing! My 5 yr old daughter received this book from me for Christmas. The stories are very short (about 1-3 pages each) but so much is packed within each story. They are all age appropriate for any age; they are calming, interesting, and they draw the children in with their playful, magical characters and the experiences that they all have. My daughter loved being read to and was able to read some herself since they are short. I enjoyed them as well and I highly recommend this series. We have already ordered another tiptoes book." Amazon Review

"What a wonderful whimsical story book!! Our family LOOOOOVES this book. My daughters are 4 & 6 and every night they excitedly request Tiptoe's adventures. Such beautiful writing! All children should have this lovely book. ... The short stories make for a quick ease into bedtime or an even more enjoyable session if you have time to read a couple of the stories." Amazon Review

We have all of Reg Down's books, and we have read through all of his books at least three times in the past year, we all love the beautiful characters portrayed and my son ask for the stories every night. 
One of the best children's books around ... and if you ask my son THE BEST! We hope Reg will not stop writing!" Amazon Review

"We love Tiptoes! My four year old daughter loves Tiptoes (and so do I). Charming, magical stories -- we will be buying more Tiptoes books very soon!" Amazon Review

"Great bedtime reading! My preschool children love this book. It works especially well at nap or bedtime, when each chapter can stand alone as a short story, but with a continuing story arc between chapters. The nature and fairy/gnome imagery works well within the Waldorf early childhood curriculum, and the stories have moments of humor to amuse parents as well." Amazon Review

"My children and I love this book! This is a favorite in our house. We have read and reread this book during bedtime. Reg also wrote another book about Tiptoes that we love and highly recommend." Amazon Review

"A wonderful book for children! We got this book (The Tales of Tiptoes Lightly) when our daughter was three. Now that she is four, she continues to love the stories in this trilogy and asks for them every night before bed. They are wonderfully written and short, making them well-suited for an evening bedtime story.” Amazon Review

“Reg Down is a masterful storyteller…” Paula Mandella - teacher & musician

“I’ve fallen in love with Tiptoes.” Donella Jean - mother of two

"My son's favorite! This book was requested by my son year after year for bed time story from the ages of 4 to 7. He is now 11 and we still talk about Tiptoes on occasion and share warm memories of all those cozy nights reading about Tiptoes and her friends. It is really fun to read aloud. The author has a way with words and how they flow from sound to sound." Amazon Review

"Great story for the young child! For those who have had the good fortune to work with Reg Down in eurythmy, these tales come to life in a completely different way as you can just see the children following along making gestures to accompany the sounds, poems and characters within the short chapter stories. The story line is enhanced by the word choice and sound gestures, even if one is just reading them aloud to a class. For those who know nothing about eurythmy, the play with sounds in the names and poems in these short stories is a great way to bathe a budding learner of the alphabet in alliteration and rhyme which can awaken them in an imaginative way to the sounds all around. What young child does not love playing with words like "Ompliant" the elephant? The short standalone chapters are also a perfect length to read when you just need something to fill a few spare minutes of transition - say after lunch in a 1st grade class. I'd also highly recommend this and Reg Down's other books for a child ready to transition from picture books to longer chapter books. The line drawings and short chapters make for a gentle transition to the longer more involved chapter story books. Amazon Review

"Lovely children's book: My seven-year-old and five-year-old sons (and I) really enjoyed reading this book. We have read it twice already, and I'm sure we will revisit it again (after we finish the third in the series). Perfect for bedtime reading, as it creates a calm, peaceful, magical mood with light humor and friendly characters that enjoy each other's company and helping each other out." Amazon Review

"My kids love this book! I read it to them at night. The chapters are very short (2-3 pages) so actually it's perfect length - if it's already late, I just read one chapter, if we have time, I might do two or three. My 4 year old girl constantly asks for it and even my 7 year old boy got into it. The plot is very simple and not dramatic at all, which is a nice change of pace - my kids really enjoy reading about simple everyday things that the characters are doing. And of course the fact that the characters are gnomes and faeries adds a lot of charm. Would definitely recommend it." Amazon Review

"Fantastic seasonal tales! Our family was introduced to Tiptoes Lightly last spring when these magical books were highly recommended by a friend. We have all been enchanted ever since. This year we started reading The Festival of Stones as the autumn festivals were beginning. It was wonderful for our older child, nearly 8, who is more familiar with Michaelmas and St. Martin from her school, to hear the tales presented in another way. It was also nice for our youngest, who has just turned 3, to have a familiar reference to ground into while processing the excitement of the Lantern Walk at school. We came home from it and he immediately asked to hear, "that Tiptoes Lightly lantern story," as he put it." Amazon Review

"This is the first of the Tiptoes Lightly series. It introduces Tiptoes - a tiny little tree elf/fairy who loves to help others and has many sweet adventures. It seems to be well-suited to summer time, but could be read anytime. We are about halfway through and Elsa loves it! We read a chapter or two every night, and the next day she finds things that remind her of the story. Very cute!" Good Reads Review

"The world that Reg Down has created through his characters and stories is gentle but lively. The stories are simple, yet interesting. They all connect to nature, starting with the fairy Tiptoes Lightly who lives in an acorn and her mouse and gnome friends. My 6 year old daughter is especially fond of these stories; she frequently asks to read Tiptoes at bedtime and quiet times. My 4 year old son listens attentively even though there are fewer illustrations than the picture books he normally reads. Moreover, I enjoy reading these stories, which I cannot say of all of the books they choose. This book contains about 30 short 1-3 page chapters with lovely line illustrations that are not cartoonish (as, lamentably, so many children's illustrations are today). The book has real staying power on the shelf because it can be read aloud, used to transition from picture to chapter books, and read by children on their own. We have read this book twice and are now enjoying the second, more seasonal book for fall and winter, The Festival of Stones. This series of books has become a mainstay in our family - - we want to keep following the adventures of Tiptoes and her companions! We have given this book to other children as birthday gifts and will continue to share this wonderful discovery. Highly recommended!" Amazon Review

"Delightful and magical! We are enjoying these magical stories as much as our 6 year old son. Thank you Tiptoes!!! Looking forward to the new book." Amazon Review

"Fantastic seasonal tales! Our family was introduced to Tiptoes Lightly last spring when these magical books were highly recommended by a friend. We have all been enchanted ever since. This year we started reading The Festival of Stones as the autumn festivals were beginning. It was wonderful for our eight year old, who is familiar with Michaelmas and St. Martin from her school, to hear the tales presented in another way. It was also nice for our youngest, who has just turned 3, to have a familiar reference to ground into while processing the excitement of the Lantern Walk at school. We came home from it and he immediately asked to hear, "that Tiptoes Lightly lantern story," as he put it." Amazon Review

"Delightful and magical! We are enjoying these magical stories as much as our 6 year old son. Thank you Tiptoes!!! Looking forward to the new book." Amazon Review

"Beautiful children's stories - My sister bought this book for the girls for Christmas and recorded her voice reading the stories on a CD. We've been listening to these stories on the way to school for the past 2 years! There are 3 stories in one book - Bee who lost his buzz, pumpkin crow and Lucy Goose and the Half-egg. The girls giggle with delight to these stories!" Amazon Review

"Begin a new adventure with Tiptoes Lightly! I remember over a year ago sitting with other preschool parents and hearing "Tiptoes Lightly" mentioned several times and finally asking, "What is Tiptoes Lightly?" And at that point my eyes and ears were opened to the wonderful tales written by Reg Down about the sweet tree fairy, Tiptoes Lightly, and of her friends in the woods, on the farm, and in the river. Our son is 5 1/2 and finds a lot of joy in the Tiptoes books. And as a parent, I enjoy reading them to him, because there is actual depth to the tales and alot of humor. At this time in childhood when imitation is so strong, I love that my son has the adventures and characters of Tiptoes Lightly to draw from. There are seven books about Tiptoes and friends, but none depends on the other for following the story, which is nice. The Easter Bunny actually brought my 9 1/2 year old niece her first Tiptoes book, my favorite so far ~ The Starry Bird - an Easter Tale ~ and she is loving it. Sweet, sweet books that I highly recommend!" Amazon Review

"Beautiful! We love the tales of Tiptoes Lightly. The illustrations are perfectly simplistic & the excitement & wonder it offers my children before they drift off to sleep adds a beautiful element to our lives. The tales are enjoyed mostly by our five year old, but our three year old son listens on just as happily. Any of the Tiptoes books are a wonderful addition to your library, this book we are reading for the third time. Buy it & enjoy!" Amazon Review

"Wonderful. Fabulous. Magical. The Tiptoes Lightly books are so great, I cannot say enough wonderful things about them. I love reading them to my kids. My son (almost 4) loves hearing them and he and my almost 2 year old daughter love acting out the characters. Though I do disagree with another review that stated these books are not religious. God and many Christian festivals are mentioned throughout the books - not heavy-handedly, but definitely there. I know I would have LOVED to give this book to a playmate of my son's who loves fairies, but the family is not religious and not comfortable with religion. I know I could not gift this book to the friend for this reason. Just keep this in mind if you are not comfortable with these references for your children. That said, Tiptoes' guardian angel prayer at the beginning of the book has become one of our favorites to recite. We even call it "Tiptoes' guardian angel prayer" (or verse, depending onyou're mood). I digress. The stories told here are wonderful. The animals and children described here are wonderful and kind and I just love pretty much everything about these books. Magical stories minus all the scariness in so many kids books today. Buy this without hesitation! (And while you are at it, pick up The Lost Lagoon - it's chock full of tales so fun and interesting that will make your kids love telling their own tales- really!)" Amazon Review

"This book is so lovely and sweet and simple. I have a preschooler and she loves the adventures and sweet lessons of Tiptoes and her friends. Perfect bedtime reading, short vignettes beautifully written. Amazon Review

"Lovely. Endearing. Simple. Magical. Beautiful. I bought this book for my 5 year old son for Christmas. We love it. We love everything about it. It is simple in allowing the child to use his/her own imagination and the drawings are lovely and not to overwhelming to encourage this. I needle felted a little wool "Jeremy Mouse" (a main character in the story) to go along with our bedtime readings and I love seeing my son play with him during the day and make up more stories about Jeremy Mouse and Tiptoes. I cannot wait to buy the next book and I hope that the author continues to write these lovely, brilliant stories. VERY highly recommended." Amazon Review

"A fairy story that our boys love! When we couldn't find this book in the library, we ordered it. Now we read it to our 5 and 2 year old boys and they love it. They love to read the same short chapter over and over. And the stories have become part of our family lexicon. If someone is having a hard day, we say they are a "grumpy cactus." Amazon Review

"Engaging, Inspires Imagination: I bought this for my 5-year-old daughter- not because she's a particularly big fan of fairies- but because I have seen the power of Waldorf-education inspired techniques with her and the other preschoolers I teach. I tested the stories on my daughter who could hardly wait for each night's new story. Each new day was inspired by her own new, imaginative story lines that had hints of the adventurous creativity within every Tiptoes story. I felt like reading the Tiptoes stories to her was like throwing flour, eggs, milk and sugar into a bowl, going to bed and waking up to find them magically transformed into petit fours! This week, I will introduce the stories to the other preschool children I teach and let the magic happen! Thank you, Mr. Down!" Amazon Review.

"Lovely, Gentle, Stories: We just received this book today and I started reading it to my 3.5 yo son. He loves it, and keeps begging me for "one more", each time I finish a chapter/story.
The writing is so gentle and beautiful. Just enough illustrations to feed the imagination and leave the rest for the child to create in his mind. The pace and cadence of the writing lends itself to being read slowly and mindfully, so a child can really absorb what's being said. This is the kind of writing that really helps children have a love for the written word. I'm ordering another Tiptoes book soon." Amazon Review

"I wanted to convey how Pine Cone and Pepper Pot and all the Tiptoes books are the most read bedtime stories EVER for my little one - we can't imagine life before they arrived. I am so grateful for such rich and colorful adventures that are a joy for me as well as my daughter. Thank YOU" and "Tiptoes is requested every night at bedtime here too, they are the sweetest stories and I recommend them to everyone." Customer comments to A Toy Garden

"Engaging simplicity ... A great read for my kids aged 6 and 9. My 6 year old son is just begining his adventure in reading and my 9 year old daughter reads non-stop and at above-grade level. She finishes chapter books in a matter of hours on a regular basis. They both really enjoyed winding down at the end of the day reading these stories. They were interested throughout. Not to say these stories need to be saved for bedtime! Anytime my kids need to switch gears and reading is an option this book is a great choice." Amazon Review

"Exceptional Book. My 7 yr. old son can't get enough of the adventures of tiptoes and friends. He gets transformed into the characters and plays so nicely. He wants to be Jeremy mouse for Halloween. I strongly recommend these stories for young children." Amazon Review

"Your child will love these stories!!! Mine does! My boy absolutely loves the stories of Tiptoes Lightly. Reg Down really is a great storyteller and author. I loved it so much that I ordered another as a gift to a friend and I am placing another order for the Midsummer Tales. You and your child will love this book. I'm surprised more people don't know about this author. I found about him because I started researching Waldorf Education, which I know practice at home lightly and although it can be very inconvenient and challenging to implement Waldorf in your home in this modern world, it is well worth it. Just don't beat yourself up, follow what you like and what works for your family. Blessings!" Amazon Review

"Priceless book with wonderful stories for kids. These stories are our favorite. We can't seem to get enough. The author has really brought these characters to life. We are always waiting to hear more adventures of Pine Cone and Pepper Pot. We've made it through 2 books so far, and can't wait to read the others." Amazon Review

"Will buy the rest. Five year old boy is enjoying it. I will be buying the other books as well. The chapters are only 2-3 pages long so its easy to read and stop at night." Amazon Review 

"One of the best children's books ever. This is by far one of the best children's books I have ever read. I got this for my daughter when she was three and we immediately fell in love with the characters and couldn't put the book down. Now at age six, she still loves reading Tiptoes Lightly and we have read most of the books in this series. Thank you, Reg Down, for coming up with stories that are simple, imaginative, and humorous, creating suspense and interest without having "good guys and bad guys" or plots that are scary or violent. The characters are so kind and likable and teach virtues of kindness and caring for others without being at all preachy. I would highly recommend this book as a first chapter book for young children. The simple line drawings will be enough to draw children in, but the words will create worlds in their imaginations. Reg, we hope you will please write more Tiptoes Lightly books!" Amazon Review 

"The tales of utilities Lightly. One of the best time investments with your children is in these beautifully crafted stories. Thank you for bringing them into creation." Amazon Review 

"Thank goodness for tiptoes! Tiptoes is a household star. When putting toys away or bath time or bed time seems like no fun at all, if I offer a tiptoes story for reward it's all just fine!" Amazon Review

"We love Reg Down! Great book by a great author. The kids (4yo boy & 8yo girl) love the stories of Tiptoes & her friends. Can't wait to read others!!" Amazon Review 

"My 6-yr-old's Favorite:  I love this book! My son, who is now almost 7, has been hearing chapter books for a little over a year now. I am always looking for new, exciting books to read to him. His teacher recommended this book, and it is by far his favorite one to hear. He talks about the characters all throughout the day, asks questions about the story, and randomly laughs about things that had happened in the book. We are now reading it for the second time and he gets so excited to hear it each night. I thoroughly enjoy reading it as well. I even find myself cracking up while reading it aloud. I have a feeling this is a book we will read time and time again. I would recommend this book for all young children, girls and boys, alike." Amazon Review 

"Best blend of magic, adventure, and heartfulness for my kindergartner. These are the books I've been looking for since my son was old enough for longer stories. They simply and subtly teach the values I want to impart to him: the practical and mystical value of nature, the meaning of friendship, a sense of protection and adventure in the world. I've searched for other adventure stories, other stories with a mystical/magical element, stories that highlight the wonder of nature, and those that teach the value of living with a full heart, but none have met my son in all those ways, and in an age appropriate way. From my 6-year old: "So far he's my favorite author. He is! I'm going to like every book - I'm pretty sure. I like Jeremy Mouse and Pinecone because they're both funny. I like Tiptoes because she's magic. I like the adventures. They're not scary. Everything turns out good in the end." Amazon Review

"I'm happy I followed my friend's advice . . . On the advice of my friend, I've been reading this book to my almost-four year old daughter as a way to increase her attention span and ability to handle "big girl chapters," and what a success! These 1 to 3 page stories are perfect for encouraging natural curiosity while also creating a sense of tranquility before bedtime. Each story is so simple yet interesting and fun, filled with magic and play in the most universally accessible way, especially important to us because we are Agnostics raising a child to tolerate all religious and secular points of view while encouraging a sense of magic, wonder, and spiritual connection to others and the world at large. I also really like the sequential form, the fact that we must make our way through the book one story at a time, each one building on the prior: the pacing and suspense work really well for our pre-schooler! The book we've been reading is borrowed from aforementioned friend, and so we can't wait to own our own copy and expand our repertoire of Tiptoes tales." Amazon Review

"Such sweetness and adventure! I was turned on to this book/series by a friend. It was exactly what I had been wishing was out there for my fairy loving little friends!! Tiptoes and Jeremy Mouse have such fun with all their friends along Running River. We got it and finished it in one intensive reading session. Couldn't put it down and my 5 year old was mesmerized and felt the same way (thankfully my littler guy took a long nap so we could finish:)) Get it, you'll love it, it's truly a treasure." Amazon Review

"Love this for my 3 1/2 year old boy!!! We read it in 3 days..... wonderful book! I would highly recommend this to anyone with imaginative children. Very sweet story." Amazon Review

"Fantastic book for children! In this day and age where our children's lives are filled with so many things, this book gives us a needed opportunity to fill the minds of our children with beautiful images, and wonderful stories that are not scary. Each chapter is 1-3 pages and although they do continue, they can each be read as stand alone stories too. We have read this book countless times and my children, now 5 and 8 still love it time after time. I recommend this book for families who want to provide sweet, beautiful images for their children to dream up as they listen. There are a few illustrations, but much more can be imagined which is a gift. I highly recommend books by Reg Down. In this day and age, it takes hard searching to find children's literature that is actually appropriate for children. This book is appropriate for children." Amazon Review

"Part of a nutritious childhood! Thank you, Reg Down, for writing stories that are innocent and full of wonder! This book is truly a MUST BUY for all parents to foster their children's imagination. And if you need a better endorsement, listen to Albert Einstein: "If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales." Amazon Canada Review

"Wonderful book! I would definitely recommend this book to families with young children. It is gentle, beautiful and inspires the imagination. Enjoy!" Amazon Canada Review

"These are very nice stories. Enjoyable for young and older kids." Goodreads Review

"My daughter & I read love reading the Tiptoes Lightly stories! We started with this book and it was a good starting place; I recommend starting with this Tiptoes book. Since then we've read The Lost Lagoon, The Starry Bird, The Magic Knot, and Midsummer Mouse. I'm not sure that there's a real order to the books, but that particular order seemed to build nicely. We haven't felt surprised by holes in character development." Goodreads Review

"This is the first of the Tiptoes Lightly series. It introduces Tiptoes - a tiny little tree elf/fairy who loves to help others and has many sweet adventures. It seems to be well-suited to summer time, but could be read anytime. We are about halfway through and Elsa loves it! We read a chapter or two every night, and the next day she finds things that remind her of the story. Very cute!" Goodreads Review

"This is a charming, Waldorf-inspired book about fairies and nature." Goodreads Review

"Reg Down is a truly talented and inspiring storyteller. These stories are imaginative, exciting, but also calming. They have been our daughters favorite books for the past three years. She is now 8 years old and loves them more than ever. These books are appropriate and applicable to all ages of childhood. I hope Reg Down continues to write new stories for a long time!" Amazon Review

"Great for young child. These are great, bite-sized stories for my young child. They can be stand-alone stories or read together chapter style so we have the choice to read just a little before naptime or several before bed at night. We might even read a bunch of them together on a rainy day. These are sweet little stories with delightful characters that induce interest and calm, but never unnecessary drama at reading time. The characters may solve a problem or explore something, but the plot devices remain simple." Amazon Review

The Festival of Stones

“This is a fascinating book by an extraordinarily imaginative writer.” The Reading Tub Review

“Copies of Tiptoes Lightly and the Festival of Stones are flying off the shelves of our school bookstore! We will be ordering more soon, and would love to include Big-stamp too if he’s ready for his debut!”  Rebecca Dawson – Enchanted Caravan Bookstore - Cape Ann Waldorf School 

"My 5 yr old daughter asks for this every night! ... These are lovely little stories with a few black and white drawings." Amazon Review

 "Another good one! We love Tiptoes and her friends! Great book! I would recommend this for 6-9 year olds." Amazon Review

"My 10 year old loves this book~now she reads it herself. Before I would read it to her before bed. Great book! Helps their imaginations flourish!" Amazon Review

"Perfect for reading aloud: This book is thoughtfully written for Waldorf and non-Waldorf educated families. The characters come to life in the stories, and my daughter loves acting out their adventures when she is playing outside. She especially loves Pine Cone and Pepper Pot and can't wait to see what will happen to them next! My daughter and I have so enjoyed our "before bed reading time" of all the Tiptoes Lightly stories. They are perfect read aloud stories that any parent and child will enjoy together." Amazon Review

"This book was recommended to my children by a Waldorf family. My 6 year old has read all four of Reg's books and she would love even more. My 3 year old is in his first of the four books and he is begging for a new chapter each day. You don't have to have your children at a Waldorf school to enjoy the fairies, gnomes, and friendly creatures that capture a child's imagination." Amazon Review

"Wonderful Nature Stories - perfect for kindergarten and 1st grade: If you are a parent of children in the 4 - 8 year old range or if you are a kindergarten or 1st grade teacher, get this and ALL Tiptoes story books by Reg Down. They are truly magical, beautifully written, and have are perfect for gently bringing the rhythm of nature into the young child's consciousness. I told these stories all last year to a Waldorf 1st grade class and they LOVED them! This year I am teaching my own 1st grade and these stories will be part of the curriculum. The collection of stories are like chapters but each story can be read on its own and they are relatively short - so perfect for bedtime, too. Thank you to Reg Down for his brilliant collection of stories!" Amazon Review

" Wonderful, gentle tales: I was so excited to find this book. My children are very sensitive and it's been difficult to find quality stories that don't frighten them, so I was delighted to find a book full of gentle, imaginative stories that are absent the dark, thrilling (and frankly, sometimes scary) characters and situations common in many children's books these days. It's a bonus that my kids beg (literally beg) for another tale after I finish one. The chapters (or tales) work wonderfully as individual stories or read in succession. A great addition to any family or classroom library." Amazon Review

"Magical Stories! This is such a beautifully written book that my girls (6 and 4) are absolutely captivated by! At first I was unsure of how they would take to it as the pictures are minimal but they just watch my face intently and beg me to continue reading chapter after chapter. I can't wait to get more Tiptoes books!" Amazon Review

"Wonderful short stories for the fall and winter holidays. As a Waldorf teacher, in first grade the children often ask me to tell them a story whenever we have a few minutes to spare or when they finish their work early. The Tiptoes Lightly series of books is perfect for those times when I just need a short tale to tell and don't have time to read from a longer chapter book or tell a tale from memory. Although written in chapters with a loose storyline holding them together, many of the chapters in the Festival of the Stones work well as stand-alone tales to read around the various fall and winter festivals - Michaelmas, Halloween, Martinmas, Advent and Christmas. The other chapters continue, through short vignettes of daily life, to develop the characters the children have come to know and love from the Tiptoes Lightly book. What I particularly like about these stories are the verses, poems and songs interspersed throughout the stories. As I listen to my students playing around with rhymes as they develop their language skills for reading and writing, I love to bring them stories that help not only to awaken their imagination through descriptive stories, but also to awaken their love of sounds in verse and rhyme. Unlike stories written completely in rhyme, which seem to put the children to sleep, these have just the right amount that truly awakens them to the richness of language and its power. What a wonderful way to bathe these emerging readers in symphony of sounds and images!" Lisa Acher, Waldorf Teacher, Amazon Review

"Favorite stories from fall to winter - Starting in the fall, we read one of these chapters each night before bed. The girls ALWAYS beg for more but we find patience and wait for the next night. The stories walk us through the darkening of fall, Michaelmas celebration, Halloween all the way through Christmas. Short sweet stories that children so easily relate to. This was our first Tiptoes book...we were hooked! Now we have them all!" Amazon Review

"Simply amazing children's book! I bought this book on a whim after a quick look at the 'Waldorf painting' on the front. I never thought it would become my favorite children's book this year! My children adore Tiptoes and all her friends. I think Reg down is a wonderful writer. His characters are heartwarming and ALL my children could enjoy and relate to the stories. I hope to own all his books soon!" Amazon Review

"We love Tiptoes! This is our 2nd Tiptoes Lightly book and it's every bit as good as the first one, which was "The Tales of Tiptoes Lightly". This is our favorite nightly reading for both my kids, ages 4 and 7. My husband and I are also enjoying Reg Down's gentle yet humorous storytelling. We just ordered two more Tiptoes books." Amazon Review

"So glad to know the wonderful tales written by Reg Down about the sweet tree fairy, Tiptoes Lightly, and of her friends in the woods, on the farm, and in the river. Our son is 5 1/2 and finds a lot of joy in the Tiptoes books. And as a parent, I enjoy reading them to him, because there is actual depth to the tales and alot of humor. He got this book in his Easter basket and we read it over a week at bed and when I closed the book, he asked if we could start reading it over again. At this time in childhood when imitation is so strong, I love that my son has the adventures and characters of the Tiptoes Lightly books to draw from. There are seven books about Tiptoes and friends, but none depends on the other for following the story, which is nice. The Easter Bunny actually brought my 9 1/2 year old niece her first Tiptoes book, my favorite so far ~ The Starry Bird - an Easter Tale ~ and she is loving it. Sweet, sweet books that I highly recommend!" Amazon Review

"My six year old LOVES this book! This is a wonderful book of fall into winter stories. Would appeal to a four to eight year old, especially if they are hearing some of the story cycles at school. Wonderfully written, engaging for both children and parents. A great book if you struggle with storytelling to your child - you can read this and feel like you are telling a great story!" Amazon Review

"We LOVE Tiptoes! This is our 4th Tiptoes book and my children love them (ages 10, 6, and 3). I really like how this one goes through all the festivals they are learning about in school or celebrating at home. These books are great for all ages." Amazon Review

"My daugter and I really enjoy reading this book very much. It's all about the reverence for life and for mother Earth." Amazon Review

"A little different at first: This was the first Tiptoes book we tried, and our first foray into "Waldorf" literature, and the seasonal festivals they celebrate. So when the story began with chasing a dragon on horseback, the kids and I were immediately drawn in. But then...the story went on, and the dragon was not mentioned again, and I found myself wondering "so was it a dragon? where did it go? will it come back? will we find out later?" But we never did. This is because it is a reference to Michaelmas, a European holiday not usually acknowledged in churches here, with St (Angel?) Michael and his battle against a dragon. The way that each chapter or two were a little story of themselves, not really a necessary part of a linear story line from front to end of the book, were strange to me, and left me feeling like things were a bit unresolved compared to what we usually read. But the kids liked it (ages 4 and 8 at the time) and we read it last year, too, making it a part of our seasons. Now we enjoy reading seasonal tales in a cycle each year. The chapters are pretty short, great for younger children, but mine were used to more like 30 minutes of read-aloud time per night, so were asking for more chapters at a time, which would put us out of synch with the book's calendar of the waldorf holidays as compared with our real-time calendar...Overall, we enjoy it, but for those new to this type of literature, it will seem different." Amazon Review

"Got to have it: My kids won't go to bed without a Tiptoes Lightly story. I am very proud to say that we have almost all of Reg Down's books :)" Amazon Review

"Wonderful book! We absolutely love all of the Tiptoes Lightly books. This book is fun for Autumn and Winter tales. We enjoyed reading about Jeremy Mouse and Michaelmas. These books are classic and we are so glad we found them! I highly recommend them. My daughter is 6 years old, and I love them as much as she does. They are for kids and adults alike :)" Amazon Review

"Wonderful sweet book for children young and old: Another book of the adventures of Tiptoes Lightly the fairy, her gnome friends Pinecone and Pepperpot and Jeremy mouse and family. These stories are requested every night at bedtime and my 5 and 3 year old look forward to their adventures. These simple stories create wonder for children young and old. They are simple yet captivating. We love the celebration of the change in seasons as well as the festivals introduced throughout each book. Thank you for bringing wholesome stories into our home that we can all enjoy together. We look forward to many more adventures." Amazon Review

"I love this book! This was our first Tiptoes Lightly book and I love it. We followed the stories over the winter holidays and they were perfect for what we were wanting to introduce to our son in regards to following traditions. Often times when we are on a walk, our son will want to play out that he is "Pepper Pot" and I am "Tiptoes Lightly"- some of the characters in the book. He will act out the stories in the book like how bee lost his buzz- I love that it is sparking imaginative play with him, something that was lacking before. Very happy with the purchase!" Amazon Review

"Lovely bedtime chapter book... my almost 5 year old is captivated by it but even her two year old sister listens quietly." Amazon Canada Review

"I would recommend this book to any families with children ages 4-10. These stories foster imagination and increase vocabulary. The illustrations add to the story and my children (4 & 5) were captivated the whole way through." Amazon Canada Review

"We enjoy this book every fall and winter, with the autumn and winter festivals. It's a bit hard to decide when to read each chapter. It ends up not being daily, as some festivals are weeks apart, and the last 3 chapters at least, all happen on Christmas day. Chapters are short for younger readers. We intersperse them with other seasonal books." Goodreads Review

"awsomeepic!" Goodreads Review

"Elsa loves these stories! They are so sweet. This book is particularly suited for the fall and winter holidays, so we are only reading the stories that pertain to the current holiday." Goodreads Review

"Great to read during the autumn season." Goodreads Review

 Big-Stamp Two-Toes the Barefoot Giant

"I have to say I was originally skeptical of the whole fairy story thing, but me and my 3 children have fallen in love with Tiptoes Lightly! This particular book has a title that would suggest stories about a stomping giant, but that is but one entertaining tale among the many springtime adventures of Tiptoes and her friends. My son (7) especially LOVES these stories and asks to hear them over and over. There is imaginative depth to this book, so we are all nourished by the repeated re-telling. The younger 2 (4 and 2) get a dreamy look in their eyes when they talk about Tiptoes, Ompliant the Elephant and Jeremy Mouse. Such a lovely childhood blessing in a world too full of cynicism, sound bites, edu-moments and videos." Amazon Review

"Tiptoes is delightful! We love the Tiptoes series of books by Reg Down. Tiptoes, the fairy and her forest friends are sweet characters with small adventures. There is just enough adventure to capture interest and move a story along but there is nothing frightening and no "drama" for small children (rec. 4yrs-8yrs). The illustrations are black and white line drawings to help us picture the happenings while letting the imagination weave the rest. This is a sweet story for sweet children, full of fancy, magic and delight." Amazon Review

"Love it! We have read all of the Tiptoes series and would HIGHLY recommend them to any child. Both of my girls still ask for these at bedtime and even my 6yr old reads them herself. Reg Down has done a fantastic job and my favorite part is they are so original. I feel like these stories are classics that I will keep for my grandchildren." Amazon review

"Spring has come! We discovered the books of Tiptoes Lightly about a year ago and continually enjoy them. The adventures of Tiptoes and her friends are a constant request from my three-year-old son and seven-year-old daughter at story time. They are timeless and are due to be classic children's stories." Amazon Review

"Magical and enchanting for boys and girls alike! My girls (ages 5 and 7 now) LOVE this book! We have the whole series of tiptoes lightly. They are such gentle stories! 
This book has 2 stories in one - Ompliant's Owie (Ompliant is an Elephant that lives in the woods) and Big-Stamp Two-Toes the Barefoot Giant. The girls got to meet new characters in this book, such as Chit-Chat the Chipmunk and Jemima and Jeremy Mouses' babies! My girls were a bit nervous and excited to read Big-Stamp...they actually insisted on jumping ahead to that chapter and covered their ears with anxious anticipation as I read it. They felt so brave! (It's not scary!) But there is lots of adventure in this book - a nutshell boat ride to Pixie Island and the Tiger in the Forest! All works out well in the end. These tales are perfect for boys and girls alike! My oldest loves to memorize the poems that Tiptoes recites in the books. My youngest loves the songs that are hidden in the book too! Hats off to Reg Down for putting such a magical spin on such beautiful stories!" Amazon Review

"My three-year-old daughter is completely charmed by Tiptoes Lightly and her world. We love this collection of spring-themed tales. The short chapters are perfect for a preschooler's bedtime story and the combination of stories, verse, and simple drawings keeps her attention. She especially loves the names of all the characters and I overhear her including all the fairy folk in her pretend play during the day. I'm sure as she gets older, she will begin appreciate many more aspects of these sweet little tales - how they inspire and teach, how they hold reverence for the natural world, how they use humor and language to tell a story. I highly recommend this and all the other Titptoes Lightly tales. They are sure to nurture a child's imagination and imbue their storytime with magic, wonder, and love for the world around them." Amazon Review

"Another lovely story: Wyatt loves Tiptoes Lightly, and all her whimsical adventures. It is wonderful to read sweet stories about nature, that explain the world and important ideas, so that there is still magic in it. We will continue to read these books for years to come." Amazon Review

"Nap time Delight: Today, while our littlest slept, we read Big-Stamp Two-Toes the Barefoot Giant. I had planned on reading a chapter or two during nap time, but we finished the entire book. We were swept away into a magical world where Spring brought birth to the Earth and sweet children, animals, gnomes, fairies, and other magical creatures helped one another on their journeys. We felt a part of this world where kindness is practiced, connection is felt, and wonder fills the air. Laughter filled our breath and fairy twinkles reflected in our eyes. Thank you Reg Down for sharing your wonderful stories." Amazon Review

"My 5 1/2 year old loves Tiptoes Lightly." Amazon Review

"My 5 year old son loves listening to me read chapter books and this one was perfect for him. The chapters are short and the stories are lighthearted, funny and simple. We breezed through this book and I'll be buying more from the series." Amazon Review

"Our boys love Tiptoes and Jeremy! A fun way to celebrate the seasons and enjoy short stories that kids love. Our boys are 2 and 5 and ask for this story every day." Amazon Review

"Kids love this book: My kids love to hear the stories of Tiptoes Lightly and her friends before going to bed and I do too!!!" Amazon Review

"Delightful! The Tiptoes tales are delightful. The children I read them to just love them. They remind us of the aliveness of the natural world." Amazon Review

"Lovely book! This was our first Tiptoes purchase and we are very happy with it. Love the stories and how creative and imaginative they are." Amazon Review

"Reg Down does it again! More lovely tales to read to your kids or class. Like others in his TipToes series it is enjoyable! Thanks!" Amazon Review

"Super Book! Great book! Bought paper copy, it is must have. Would recommend for others in the blink of eye. Thank you!" Amazon Review

"We love all of Reg Down's books! We love Reg Down's books about Tiptoes Lightly! I read them to my kids when they were 4, 5 and 6 and now they are reading them again (and again and again). What a gift these stories have been for my entire family." Amazon Review

"Love it! Just started reading this to my 6 year old and he never wants me to stop. Fuels the imagination and is delightful for kids." Amazon Review

The Magic Knot

"This book is a must-have for any child, right along with all of Reg Down's books. We have read this book many times and you will not be disappointed. My girls still ask for this book, it would make a PERFECT stocking stuffer." Amazon Review

"Very sweet book! My son loves listening to Tiptoes stories even though he is eight. I think Tiptoes is a great birthday present to any young child." Amazon Review

"Wonderful! Great book! My girls ages 7 & 10 both loved it. It was silly and fun and had no evil characters or scary stuff....because of this book we bought other Tiptoes books!" Amazon Review

"One of the best children's books! Another wonderful book in the Tiptoes Lightly series. The story centers around the two gnomes, Pine Cone and Pepper Pot, as they go on a quest to make one table and three chairs for Tiptoes' birthday. My three-year old boy and seven-year-old girl adore these books! They are simple enough so that the younger one can understand and remain entertaining as they get older." Bob Daniels, Amazon Review

"Clever and fun! I think this is the girls most favorite book! The stories revolve around preparations for Tiptoes' birthday. Her gnome friends decided to make her a table and chairs and get their ant, spider and bee friends to help out. and Ompliant the elephant too! At the end, Tiptoes tells the story of her birth. The girls INSIST that we read this story at each birthday party and sing her birthday song!" Amazon Review 

"Our kids love it, and so do we! Beautiful, well written, magical stories. My kids, 6 and 9-who are "Magic Treehouse" and "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" addicts, both love to hear the stories. They're great read-aloud tales for night time. This one, in particular, was quite funny. Many books by Reg Down are seasonal in nature, but this one is great for all year. The Tiptoes books are highly regarded in this family!" Amazon Review

"Fun and funny story: All of the Tiptoes stories have been such a gift for me & my 4-year-old to read. This book was the favorite so far. Fun, funny stories with a good heart to them!" Amazon Review

"Bedtime with gnomes and fairies: We liked reading this book at bedtime and then drawing pictures in our main lesson book the next day. My 7 year old said he liked imagining the gnomes making the table and chairs. We are looking forward to reading more books by this author." Amazon Review

"We are hooked on these stories. We absolutely love reading about the adventures of Tiptoes Lightly and the two gnomes Pine Cone and Pepper Pot. These stories are sweet, fun, gentle and addicting! We've read two of the books so far and can't wait to buy more. My 6 year old loves them, and I enjoy them just as much as she does :)" Amazon Review

"My 4-year-old LOVED this book! Pine Cone & Pepper Pot have funny adventures while trying to make their friend (Tiptoes Lightly) a birthday present." Goodreads Review

The Lost Lagoon

"The call of adventure can strike at any time. 'The Lost Lagoon' is charming story of the flood of the Running River in spring, where Tiptoes, Jeremy, and Greenleaf embark on an adventure into the Lost Lagoon. They meet plenty of characters along the way, and make for a fun read for younger readers. With an assortment of illustrations spread throughout, “The Lost Lagoon” is a fun and recommended pick for younger readers." Midwest Book Review

"... Mythical creatures and humans alike bask in the opportunity to explore and listen to each other's stories about how the world came to be. Down, who also provides the simple but effective illustrations throughout the book, treats his characters with just the right playful touch, encouraging readers to suspend their disbelief and engage with impossible creatures. Evoking classic creation myths, Down weaves into his narrative fantastical explanations of the first man and woman. His book also nods to Thornton Burgess with its inclusion of fables to explain things such as why slugs have no shells. Adults may regret a lack of complexity and find some of the exchanges slightly saccharine, but children will inherently realize this collection offers an antidote to the viral spread of movie-based narratives and those containing more than a hint of violence. The stories are easy enough that accomplished early readers can enjoy them independently; they are also perfect for out-loud reading sessions at bedtime. Sweet stories to share with children while storms rage outside." Kirkus Discoveries Review

"Yay! We love Tiptoes too! We are half way through 'The Lost Lagoon' and we are loving it!" K. Meacham on Facebook

"Another winner from Reg Down! We (my 6 yr old & I), always love books from Reg Down. 2 years ago, we started with The Tales of Tiptoes Lightly. Back then, my 4 yr old was into Picture Books. We were both disappointed when there was so little illustration in the book. But as I started reading it, I knew why there were so little illustration - no other pictures can be as vivid as the ones created in my little girls mind as she listens to the story - as Waldorf early childhood teachers always say. We went on the read the rest of his books. We always like the adventures of Pine Cone & Pepper Pot, Tiptoes & Jeremy Mouse." Amazon Review

"With simple prose and elegant line drawings, Reg Down creates a visually imaginative story for children of any age. My only question is: Where are Jemima Mouse and the mouslings?" Amazon Review

"These stories are fun and I love how they work along with the seasons and nature around us. These darling stories take you on journeys of toads, slugs, spiders and dragonflies...and their adventures with Tiptoes Lightly, Jeremy Mouse, Ompliant the Elephant, Pinecone and Pepperpot the Gnomes and all the rest." Amazon Review

"My first Reg Down book ... but not my last. I have been wanting to read one of Reg Down's books but hadn't gotten around to it. This book is very sweet with short chapters that stand alone but continue the story. I love that aspect because we could read a few chapters when we had time or only one when we didn't have a lot of time. Mr. Down's story is full of merriment and adventure. My 10 year old and 8 year old loved the story of "The Lost Lagoon" and were very please to learn that there are other books. They fell in love with the characters and now they look for the fairies and gnomes out in our woods and make up stories about all the creatures they find in nature." Amazon Review

"I have two sons, ages 4 and 9. We use some Waldorf materials in our Homeschooling curriculum, and had discovered Tiptoes Lightly last fall. I purchased our first book to read with my 4 year-old, and we loved it. When we picked up The Lost Lagoon, I assumed that it would be for my younger son and I. But as it turns out, my 9 year-old especially loves it and looks forward to it every night! This has to be a testimony to a good story. It isn't always easy to hook a boy on the cusp of 10 with fairy tales, but he looks forward to it every single night. This is a small thing, but I especially appreciate the short length of the chapters. They give a Mom an honest "out" if it's time to call it quits for the night, but also give us an easy way to be the hero Mom and read "just one more" chapter. We're big fans." Amazon Review

"A truely magical book by Reg Down. So glad to be reading the wonderful tales written by Reg Down about the sweet tree fairy, Tiptoes Lightly, and of her friends in the woods, on the farm, and in the river. Our son is 5 1/2 and finds a lot of joy in the Tiptoes books. And as a parent, I enjoy reading them to him, because there is actual depth to the tales and alot of humor. The Lost Lagoon was such a wonderfully magical tale (good for late kindergarten through 3rd grade). I think my son will appreciate this one more and more as he gets older." Amazon Review

"Great first chapter book! My 6 year old daughter was ready to move from picture books to a more involved story. However, many chapter books seem to be very real and my daughter still wanted a book of fantasy. This book is wonderful! The characters are easy to relate to, the story is imaginative and the dialogue is simple enough for a 6 year old to follow although I think it would still appeal to an older child. I especially appreciated the clever songs throughout the book!" Amazon Review

"LOVE this book! This is the first book review I have ever written, which tells you how moved I was by this book. And I read A LOT of children's books, so there is some tough competition! I have three kids and read to them frequently. I usually tune out while I'm reading and start thinking about other things (What the heck am I going to make for dinner? Why am I so tired? When will I get a break?). I'm sure those of you with multiple children can relate! But this book is so engaging and FUNNY I couldn't stop reading. It's a story that speaks to that pure, sweet, magical imagination in all kids. Such a contrast to the character-driven JUNK that I see on the Scholastic Book Order forms that come home from school!" Amazon Review

"Buy this book! We absolutely love the Tiptoes Lightly books in our household. The Lost Lagoon is my personal favorite because I love Greenleaf the Sailor. Tiptoes books, all of them, are a bit meditative. You read them and you calm down. This is true. I am not the calmest person by nature (I too am a work in progress), but I definitely feel better after reading these books aloud to my kids. And if they make me feel calmer and happier, then my kids benefit from not just a great story that they ask for over and over again and love to act out, but a mom happy to read that great story and a calmer and more loving household to boot. I like this book especially because it is not as overtly religious as some of the others and would be great as an introductory book along with the original Tiptoes Lightly book. I love these stories and love their effects on our family. Great journeys with love at their core and nothing really to be afraid of. Very reassuring tales." Amazon Review

"My 7 year old twins and I love this book! This is a fun and attention grabbing book for young children. My 7 year old twins can't get enough of the whimsical characters and their magical adventures and I must say I can't either. A refreshing and creative change from most children's books available for the young grades. The chapters are short so reading two or three before bed each night lasts a few weeks...if you can resist not sneaking a few in after school and weekends! I am off to buy more written by Reg Down." Amazon Review

"Love this book: The Tiptoes Lightly books have been really special for me & my 4-year-old to read together. We read this book in the spring and felt like we were living in the Lost Lagoon. The stories are beautiful. I even learned something new about dragonflies! :)" Amazon Review

"Fascinating. Based on my kids faces and comments about this book I can tell is one of Reg Down's favorites in this house. It's just fascinating!" Amazon Review

"Great series! This is one of a collection by Reg Down. They are all super! My daughter who is 5 absolutely loves them. My husband and I who have to read them to her also enjoy them. There are very little illustrations so your child is forced to imagine. I actually ordered more of these books to give as birthday presents. Highly recommended." Amazon Review

"Greatness! Reg Down is the bomb. My 5 year old love love loves the tiptoes books. They're sweet and full of magic and the mysteries of nature. We have them alllll!" Amazon Review

"Love it, love them all! My son loved the character of Greenleaf the sailor, and his leaf boat. Many lovely tales, as usual. Also nice to find one not season/holiday specific!" Amazon Review

"Excellent book! I love the stories and the drawings and so does my daughter (9) We takes turns reading to each other and always want the next chapter. Great continuation of the Tiptoes stories." Amazon Canada Review

"Magical: This is a beautiful and fun book, full of treasures. My children, 6 and 3, are captivated over and over again no matter how many times we read it. I also love reading the Tiptoes books, the relationships between the family members is inspirational. I highly recommend this book and all the Tiptoes books." Amazon Canada Review

"Five Stars! Magical view into an enchanting world." Amazon Review

The Bee who Lost his Buzz

"Illustrated with soft, watercolor-style artwork throughout, author Reg Down's 'The Bee Who Lost His Buzz' is a soft cover anthology of short stories about Tiptoes and Jeremy Mouse, who help friends including the Bee whose buzz has been taken away by the cantankerous Mr. Cactus, the Worm who can't make his way home on his own, a tangled young Octopus who can only count to seven, and more creatures. Each warmhearted mini-tale blends into the next, making 'The Bee Who Lost His Buzz' flow into a captivating whole. “The Bee Who Lost His Buzz” is ideal for teaching children how much fun reading can be." Midwest Book Review

"Welcome to the world of Tiptoes Lightly! We've been involved in Waldorf education for the past three years when our daughter entered kindergarten and I can't believe that we've only recently discovered the wonderful books of Reg Down. Tiptoes and her friends share many wonderful adventures together and this book is an excellent introduction. Whereas the other Tiptoes Lightly books feature black and white line drawings, this one is full of amazing watercolor illustrations. They are engaging enough for our seven-year-old and three-year-old. Our three-year-old even asks for these stories at bedtime and likes to pretend to be several of the character - mainly Jeremy Mouse and Pine Cone (and I'm Pepper Pot because I like pepper too)." Amazon Review 

"Enchanting stories!  My three year old and I love to read these stories. They are very descriptive and full of charm. I look forward to reading more of Reg Down's books and following the tales of the fairy, Tiptoes Lightly." Amazon Review

"Beautiful Illustrations, An Enchanting Picture-book. Having known and loved Reg Down's stories for years, I was delighted to find this gorgeous picture book, a perfect introduction for my young niece, who was instantly drawn in by the vivid watercolor illustrations, and then enchanted by the story. The artwork is truly as beautiful as the tale. More, please!" Amazon Review

The Cricket and the Shepherd Boy

"Who but Reg Down could bring us a new Christmas story that glows with such warmth and beauty? The Cricket and the Shepherd Boy is a gift for the Season of Love.  The author's paintings filling each page evoke a wholesome joy that resonates in wonderful ways with the story itself.  I can tell as I hold this book that it will carry its message and its warmth far - families throughout the world will mark the Christmas season by taking it off the shelf and reading it each year.  And then it will live on in the hearts of the children and adults who hear it.  The Cricket and the Shepherd Boy is a treasure." Nancy Parsons, Waldorf Books

"Also highly recommended is Reg Down's The Cricket and The Shepherd Boy: A Christmas Tale, a touching holiday story that brings the generous and reverent spirit of Christmas to life year-round." Midwest Book Review

"Beautiful holiday story: This story has all the innocence and magic I expected from a Reg Down book. As a non-Christian family, my children are unfamiliar with the story of Jesus' birth, and I loved this as a simple, sweet introduction for them. I think the age recommendation is right on. My six year old was enthralled, but my two year old didn't make it to the end. This is a wonderfull holiday book that I will look forward to reading to my children year after year." Amazon Review

"Our kids loved The Cricket and Shepherd Boy book this morning from Santa. Thank you!" Jennifer Tan

"What a sweet book!: The Cricket and the Shepherd Boy is such a sweet and gentle way to introduce the story of the birth of Jesus. It brings the perfect mix of light-hearted fun and joyful reverence that is perfect for this story. As the previous reviewer mentioned, it touches just lightly upon the story of Jesus which makes it an excellent choice for families of all different faiths. What makes this story most remarkable, though, are the illustrations. Each page is filled with vibrant watercolor illustrations that depict the story in a beautifully simple way. These paintings are so beautiful they make me want to pull out my brushes!" Waldorf Reviews

"Perfect for the holidays: The Cricket and the Shepherd Boy is a beautifully illustrated book about a dedicated shepherd boy who is introduced to a cricket. The cricket leads him to the manager where he meets a mother, father and child, he is in awe of the child. As he leaves the manger an Angel appears and asks him to share the message of the child with the world, to help him travel the angel mends his knee so he can travel, spreading the word. I like the different perspective the story took. We celebrate Advent through out the month and hearing the story from a different view other than that of Mary and Joesph's if delightful. The text is very descriptive, it can make you feel the cold and warmth, see the colors, and feel the emotions of the characters. However the peaceful watercolor illustrations are my favorite, the colors are soothing and flowing. A great addition to your holiday collection. In fact any book by Reg Down is a great." Amazon Review

"A wonderful nativity story for younger children! Simply put, Reg Down is a master storyteller and artist. This book is full of beautiful watercolors and simple prose that make it a wonderful introduction to the Nativity story for any young child. Although the Nativity story is a Christian one, it is also the story of the changing of the seasons and what they bring. This book is very good for non-Christian families as it focuses more on the spirit of the time of year without being heavy-handed on the birth of Jesus. We look forward to reading this to our children every year!" Amazon Review 

El Grillo y el Joven Pastor: Cuento de Navidad

"Wonderful story,beautiful illustrations, good translation. We discovered Reg Down's books when my son was in first grade. We were looking for some adventure stories that would nurture our kids' soul, their imagination, and their love for reading. We first got The Festival of Stones because it was fall and it was perfect for the season. Since then we have been hooked. My kids love all the books written by Reg and we were thrilled when we were able to get one in Spanish. My son is now 10 and he still loves reading the stories. My daughter is 7 and Reg's books have enriched her imagination. She recreates the stories with puppet plays, makes songs and plays to be a character from the story with her friends. We have read his books several times and each time we discover something new. The stories have many descriptions that will take you on a journey to where ever the adventure is taking place. The story in The Cricket and The Shepherd Boy is a very meaningful christmas story . A shepherd can listen to a grasshoper who tells him something special is going to happen this winter and It is going to be a very cold winter, he can feel it on his knees. They start a Journey that takes them into a stable where a baby is born. In the story an unexpected miracle happens .This story will place you and your kids into the christmas spirit. The language is very simple and the translation is very well done . The story keeps the feeling and magic of the one written in english without being a literal translation. The ilustrations on this book are beautiful pieces of water color art that both kids and adults will be delighted to see. I would say all the books from this author are a must-have in every kid's library. This have been our birthday gifts for all of our friends and they all have enjoyed them very much." Amazon Review

"Nosotros descubrimos los libros de Reg Down cuando nuestro hijo estaba en primer grado. Queríamos libros de aventuras que tuvieran contacto con la naturaleza y enriquecieran su imaginación, su vocabulario y el amor por la lectura. Los libros de este autor hicieron eso. El teminaba de leer uno y quería el siguiente. El primer libro que tuvimos fue "The festival of Stones "era otoño y fue el libro perfecto para la temporada. De ahí los hemos leído todos varias veces y estamos muy felices de poder tener ahora la posibilidad de leer uno de sus libros en Español.
La historia del libro "El Grillo y El Joven Pastor" es un cuento de navidad en donde el grillo le dice al pastor en la mitad del verano que este invierno va a ser un invierno muy especial y muy frío, lo siente en sus rodillas. Es verano así que cada uno sigue su camino y en el invierno se reencuentran y se embarcan en una aventura en donde llegan a un establo y un bebe ha nacido. En la historia un milagro ocurre. La historia esta muy bien traducida con lenguaje sencillo y unas descripciones detalladas y simples. Es un historia llena de magia que trasmite el espíritu de la navidad. Las ilustraciones son dibujos en acuarelas que invitan tanto a niños como a adultos a tomar el libro en sus manos y leerlo o mirarlo una ves mas. Hoy en dia nuestro hijo tiene 10 anos y todavia disfruta tomar el libro en sus manos mirar los dibujos o leerselo a su hermanita.
Este como todos los libros de este autor son un tesoro que deberia estar en todas las bibliotecas de los niños . Ojala que mas libros de este autor fueran traducidos al espanol." Amazon Review 

The Starry Bird

"The Starry Bird is an uplifting Easter tale written especially for children. Weaving in themes of new life, death and rebirth, wrapped in gentle touches of fantasy and humor, laced with graceful black and white pen and ink drawings, The Starry Bird is a chapter book that will appeal to children ages 8 and up. For children age 7 and under, the author has presented an alternate version of the Easter tale ... The Little Starry Bird. (i.e., an alternate ch. 32)  It can be read ... in a single sitting to younger children. The Easter tale is viewed through a new lens, with the themes of redemption and rebirth freshly imagined. The Starry Bird is full of imaginative, mischievous elves, creatures of nature like Jeremy Mouse, the fairy Tiptoes Lightly, and the two children of Farmer John, Tom and June. The miracle of new life unfolding is celebrated anew. Parents and children will enjoy The Starry Bird, the perfect book to send along with a favorite young person on their spring vacation or in their Easter basket." Midwest Book Review

"Best Easter Gift! The Easter Bunny left this in the girls Easter Basket last year and it was by far the most treasured gift...even above the chocolate bunny!" Amazon Review

"Another wonderful book in this series! All of the Tiptoes Lightly books are gentle, sweet stories and this book is no exception. I enjoyed it greatly and look forward to sharing it with my children when Spring comes." Amazon Review

"My four kids gave (The Starry Bird) a great review too!" Facebook Fan

"We loved it too! It was given to the kids by the Easter Hare. :)" Facebook Fan

"Did it again! I love all of his books, and my daughter loves Tiptoes Lightly and all of the crew. This story builds the perfect amount of suspense through the book (what is that huge egg?) without it being too exciting to read before bed. The whole series of books is wholesome and speaks to a child's imagination. Perfect for Waldorf families!" Amazon Review

"Magical Tiptoes! This was our 1st Tiptoes book and it was read many times. My son and I enjoy this book and all the Tiptoes series." Amazon Review

"A must-read to encourage imagination! The Starry Bird is another fantastic book by Reg Down. As with all Tiptoe books, there is a special way that the author pulls you and your child into the lives of June Berry, Tom, Farmer John and their wonderful woods (forest). The encounters with fairies, gnomes and critters of the forest (including a very large elephant) all make for an adventure to be taken over and over. The Easter Tale is no exception! Each chapter builds a bit of suspense around a very large egg. To my 7 year old son every night he said "this is such a cliff hanger" but not being so much to produce excessive thinking before bed. The tons of giggles and a bit of suspense end with a great tale of rebirth and hope. Thank you Reg Down, for yet another wonderful tale to share with my boy!!" Amazon Review

"A Magical Story for Spring: The Starry Bird is an Easter story, and within the book there is a chapter called The Starry Bird which is the story of Easter as told to Tom and June Berry by their father. The rest of the book revolves around a mysterious giant egg which appeared in the forest overnight, and keeps growing bigger. At the end of the book, the giant egg hatches and a phoenix flies out - just like in the Easter story told to the children. There is lots of action, entertainment, and suspense as Tom, June, Tiptoes, and their forest friends (from magical to mundane) try to solve the mystery of the egg. But of course, it's all done in that wonderful Reg Down way that manages to keep things simple and calm at the same time. My six year old and I both loved this book. She was couldn't get enough of it, and I am sure we'd have read it in one sitting if it had been up to her. She even had me read to her at bedtime (an honor usually reserved for her father) so we could finish it faster! I truly enjoyed reading it too, unlike a lot of books for this age group. It doesn't seem old fashioned, but there is a timeless quality which left me feeling as though I could be reading a book that was written 100 years ago." Amazon Review

"Another great Tiptoes book! I'm reading this to both my 6 and 4 yr-old and they both love it. It has all the familiar characters and we talk often of the story and the mystery of the egg. I've loved every one of Reg Down's books because the stories are so sweet and simple but keep all of our interest. These books have been such a great find for our family!" Amazon Review

"More beautiful tales by Reg Down.  My kids, 6 and 9, love to hear these stories at bedtime. They are magical and beautiful, like all of Reg Down's books. We are not a Waldorf schooling family, but friends who are recommended these books, and I'm so glad they did. Kids need a little innocent and magic in their lives!" Amazon Review

Eggs for the Hunting

"If you aren't a Tiptoes fan yet, "Eggs for the Hunting," the seventh book in the Tiptoes Tales, is a great place to start. It's a wonderful book for young children, highly imaginative and utterly entertaining." David Kennedy, Waldorf Today

"Eggs of all colors and sizes can seem so appealing if you can find them. "Eggs for the Hunting" is a fantastical story for children from Reg Down. Telling stories of gnomes hunting for eggs, and the discoveries of Tom and June as they come across the gnomes and their hunts. "Eggs for the Hunting" is an entertaining twist for younger readers, very much recommended." Midwest Book Review

"Perfect spring tale for all ages: I fell in love with these books instantly as did my 5 children. I think this one captures the innocence of spring and easter beautifully, My children begged for more and I ended up reading this book in only two nights. Would make a wonderful gift in the easter basket!" Amazon Review

"Perfect for Spring! Another magical, delightful collection of stories from Reg Down! My daughter is particularly excited about Easter this year, so she loved all the different egg-themed tales. And she is quite enamored with the gnome, Pepper Pot ("Pepper on pancakes, mama? That's so silly!"). These sweet, simple stories perfectly capture the hopefulness of the spring season, the budding of life and the brightening days, but in a way that resonates with even the youngest children. The tales are the perfect length for a bedtime read and the little illustrations are just enough to spark the imagination. And the characters are unforgettable - from Pepper Pot and Pine Cone to Tiptoes Lightly and even the Wise Salmon. My daughter loves imagining them all day long..." Amazon Review

"Again Reg Down has created Magic! We absolutely love this book! Written, like all Tiptoes books, the chapters are the perfect length to read either one or several before bed. At one point I was worried that the Easter Bunny was to be revealed, only to be assured of the magic of such figures. We were inspired to paint eggs and my 7 year old also found a wonderful "mystery egg" on Easter morning. These books are not only beautifully told and amusing, they always generate ideas for me to keep magic alive for my son." Amazon Review

"Wonderful book ... as always. We loved this book as all the other Reg Down book's!" Amazon Review

"We have so enjoyed reading this book during the Easter season, that when we finished it I was to immediately start at the beginning again! The 2 gnomes who star in this gentle weaving of tales, legends and story are lots of fun and were really enjoyed by my kids, especially the boys, who laughed uproariously at their wacky antics trying to procure eggs to decorate from the hen, the duck, the bunnies... We then decorated our own eggs to hang on our Easter Tree, and my kids bring me stories of the gnomes and fairies they meet out in the yard, and the world is full of wonder. All of the Tiptoes books are worth having, and they make a lovely foundation for celebrating the seasons of the year with young children, wonderful to read again and again." Amazon Review

"Magic for the Finding. Get ready for another magical ride! This is a delightful tale about Pine Cone and Pepper Pot the gnomes and their quest to give from their hearts. In order to bring to life what they truly want to give to their two favorite humans, they must go on an adventure. This adventure leads them to have encounters with forest and farmyard animals that have their own stories to tell and wisdom to give. You may pick up this book looking for eggs, but you will find much, much more, as there is whimsy and wonder around every corner. Not only will children enjoy this journey into the magic of the gnomes' world, but every adult, that is a child at heart, will, too. I am so pleased that I bought this book. My two boys (ages 4 and 7) can hardly wait for our evening story time. They were anxious to find out how the book ended, but sad to be finished. It will be an Easter tradition in our house in the years to come." Amazon Review

"Beautiful again - another tale of wonder that my 5 & 3 year old loved. The characters in all the Tiptoes books provide a wonderful stepping stone into the imaginary world & are often part of my children's daily play. We loved this book & enjoyed reading it over the Easter period. It does however contain numerous religious references, which I found I needed to skip over. In hindsight I wish I had read the book myself before reading aloud to the children, as some of the religious content doesn't fit in with our personal family traditions. This being said, there was plenty we loved about this book! Enjoy!!" Amazon Review

"On the edge of their seats! I expect that we will complete this book tomorrow (we just started today). My 2nd grader can't put it down! She's reading it to me and her sister (2nd year Kindergarten) and it's honestly riveting! (Okay, there are a few big words she needs help with but mostly, it's a good reader for a Waldorf 2nd grader!!) Amazon Review 

"Adorable! Start reading it two weeks before Easter! Our daughter received this from the Easter Bunny and we have been reading it every night. I wish we would have had it prior to Easter! Filled with the kind of beauty and wonder only REG DOWN can deliver! We love all of his books! They are magical and heart warming! Enjoy!"  Amazon Review
"Wonderful: As all the other books we have read from Reg Down (and we have read quite a few :) ...... WONDERFUL!" Amazon Review

"Treasured Book: As always, a wonderful book. Just can't beat Reg Down books for kids. I wouldn't be surprised if they'll become classics some day. They're modern day treasures." Amazon Review

A Tangle of Tales

"A Tangle of Tales is a great "read-aloud" repository for homeroom, storytime, bedtime, or the simple joy of parent-child reading time - highly recommended." Midwest Book Review

"Always wonderful stories: My children love Reg's books and this is no exception! If you want lovely child friendly stories, then look no further. We appreciate that they are written to engage the young child and not scare or worry them." Amazon Review

"Lovely! All of the Reg Down books are simply wonderful. We've never been disappointed. The children always look forward to the next one, which I have them wait for to build up the anticipation ~~~ always makes it even better. Every child I've read them to simply love them. This one is no exception. We're using this one for a reader for an eight year old. It's lovely to read to a child too. Good for ages 5 to 8."  Amazon Review

The Midsummer Mouse

"A modern fairytale certain to delight young readers (and their parents!), The Midsummer Mouse: Midsummer Tales of Tiptoes Lightly and the Summer Queen weaves together an engaging world of fantasy and enchantment, gladness and jollity, mystery and misadventure, and great fun from beginning to end. The Midsummer Mouse is enthusiastically recommended for family, school, and community library collections for children ages 5 through 10." Midwest Book Review

"Tiptoes is at it again! Just in time for Midsummer, another in the Tiptoes Lightly series. Reg Down is a masterful storyteller and The Midsummer Mouse entertains through its many twists and turns leading to the appearance of the Summer Queen. An unbroken stream of unbridled imagination - just what children (and their parents) need now. If you're not a Tiptoes fan, this is your chance to 'get on board.'"  David Kennedy, Waldorf Today

"A classic children's tale in the making! My family and I really enjoy the Tiptoes Lightly books and this one did not disappoint. In fact, I think it may be the best of the series, if not one of the best children's books ever written. Definitely on par with the original Pooh stories of A. A. Milne and the stories of Elsa Beskow and I wouldn't be surprised if these were read 100 year from now too. It was hard to read only a little at a time to my 5-year-old because I could hardly wait to see what happened next. Luckily I'm over 40 and can control myself. I was full of wonder and laughing just as much as my children. After we finished, my son wanted it read to him again and I was more than happy to oblige." Amazon Review

"I love all his books! My 8 year old has read all Reg Down's Tiptoes Lightly books. She is always asking for more of Tiptoes Lightly stories. We were so excited to hear he has just published this new book. We just bought this one and she has promptly finish reading it. She says 'this book is very interesting', 'Pinecone and Pepperpot are all tangled up!' It is a joy for me to see my daughter relishing this book. Truthfully, I love his writing myself!" Amazon Review

"A great addition to your collection! Can't go wrong with any of Reg Down's books! My daughter hears the stories at school, and loves hearing them at home. A definite must have for your collection!" Amazon Review 

"A Master Storyteller: If you are looking for children's literature with rich language, inspiring imagination, creating a sense of wonder, then Reg Down's books capture it all beautifully. Most children's literature these days are riddled with sarcasm, gaudy characters and illustrations, but the stories that he weaves are absent of that. I have three children that I share stories with every day, and Tiptoes' name comes up quite a bit. It's a hit! I encourage you to buy this book, and a good starter is The Tales of Tiptoes Lightly. Next on my list is The Lost Lagoon...the title itself just seems intriguing! Should I also add that he does storytelling and puppetry live!? Total win...he's out there presenting children with lovely stories to inspire their imagination. Such nourishing stories, indeed." Amazon Review

"Won't disappoint: We are huge Tiptoes Lightly fans and were so excited for Reg Down's newest book! As with all his books, this one was a fantastic read. It entertained all of my children (ages 4,7, 9 and 11) and they kept asking for "one more chapter". Midsummer Mouse provides a wonderful tale woven together through adventure, humor, magic and mystery. We loved it!" Amazon Review

"Magical: We absolutely love Reg Down's books and were so excited to receive the latest installment of the Tiptoes Lightly series. The story of Tiptoes and her friends' Midsummer celebration is magical and is sure to become a favorite summer read for many years. The story lends itself well to be told orally, chapter by chapter to younger children (each chapter is about a page and a half to two pages) or read by early readers or parents alike. I know this book will become a loved part of our summer tradition." Amazon Review

"Another wonderful chapter book by Reg Down: My children(8, 5 and 3) and I love all the Tiptoes books and this one is no exception! Centering around a midsummer festival at Farmer John's farm there are several stories weaving together to make a whole delightful book. Pine Cone and Pepper Pot have a problem with their beards(some mild grumpiness here), Ompliant must be hidden from the visitors to the farm, the mouse family needs a safe place to watch the bonfire, a cookie drama, and the midsummer queen dancing in and out of the story. All the while Tiptoes flits to and fro trying to make everything right! Great inspiration for summer festivals and some wonderful summer stories to tell too." Amazon Review

"Reg does it again: A lovely book for parents, kindergarteners and teachers alike. I am both a parent and teacher and it is the 3rd book of Reg Down's I have found delightful to use." Amazon Review

"Another lovely read by Reg Down: My 3.5 year old and I love the tales of Tiptoes and her friends! Here is another great adventure, a great read for the summer!" Amazon Review

"Everyone is preparing for the midsummer's eve festival; well, all but pine cone and pepper pot that are too busy untangling their beards. Jeremia mouse is trying to save a cookie for the festival in spite of the mouselins' wish to eat it. And as always, tiptoes is busy helping. Another excellent book by Reg Down full off fun and adventure. The perfect way to send the children to dreamland. Oh and it's fun for adults too. My seven year old son and I highly recommend it!!!" Amazon Review

"Tiptoes: the best fairy ever. Almost 8 years old, and my daughter still loves Tiptoes... along with Harry Potter! Tiptoes is here to stay, even as she grows older. A pure gem!" Amazon Review

"Excellent. Another great series of stories from this author. Wonderful, sweet stories. My child gleams when I read the stories and you can watch his imagination working as he looks forward and pays close attention to each sentence anticipating what happens next. There are very few illustrations my child is less dependent on pictures and is forced to source his own imagination, which of course is so much more exciting." Amazon Review

"Love the Tiptoes stories! We love all the Tiptoes stories and this one is no exception. Thoroughly enjoyed by my 2 children. A fabulous tale of the magic of midsummer!" Amazon Review

"All Reg Down Books are Great For Children: Can't beat Reg Down books. If you've never read any of them to a young child, I wouldn't start with this one, but then again it wouldn't hurt. We read this one for summer solstice time and the children simply loved it as they do all the Tiptoes Lightly series. They love each and every character, Farmer John, June Berry, Pinecone and Pepper Pot and it goes on. Always interesting to the child as the story weaves in and out and always a sweet and positive message. Good for age 5 and up, But especially for 6, 7 and 8 year olds." Amazon Review

"My sons (3, 7 & 9 years) loved this book! This book was a pleasure to read, I enjoyed it & my sons giggled away. An excellent addition to the summer bookshelf, we'll be pulling it out every June to read for years to come." Amazon Canada Review

"Reg Down did it again!!! Oh my!! Was I excited when we got our book!! Having read a couple others of tiptoes' adventures we were SO very excited! The adventures and silly times with Pepperpot and Pinecone are unlike anything you will experience. My boys love these books and so do I! They will be in our collection for ever and ever!! Reg Down and his friends are treasures that I'm so glad we found." Amazon Review

"Every tale about Tiptoes Lightly is an interesting, fun and beautifully written book!" Amazon Review

Sir Gillygad and the Gruesome Egg

"What we don't understand constantly eludes us. Sir Gillygad and the Gruesome Egg is a read for those in late primary school who want to advance to a more advanced read. A story following Sir Gillygad, a mouse knight with his Frog mount Gorf. Trying to find the gruesome egg of rumor, they rush to find it and stop any problems that may come. Sir Gillygad and the Gruesome Egg is well worth considering for the elementary - middle school bridge." Midwest Book Review

"Sir Gillygad and the Gruesome Egg is an adventurous story full of friendship and excitement. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I loved the concept of the story and the different personalities of the characters. Although at times the language used and names of some of the creatures Sir Gillygad came across was confusing. There were many parts of the story that made me laugh out loud but there were also occasional chapters that made me a little teary and quite sad. Some sections even had me alarmed and on edge! Overall it was a great read and Reg Down has the age group for this book perfect. Lily (aged 12)" Amazon Review

"I read this book to my 12 year old daughter because sometimes even big kids like to be read to and about six or seven years ago we read The Tales of Tiptoes Lightly together (followed very quickly by the whole series), also by Reg Down - and we loved them - so I didn't want to miss out. Sir Gillygad and the Gruesome Egg is an engaging story. Sir Gillygad and Gorf do have adventures both bold and exciting. Some will make you catch your breath; others will break your heart a little. I read the last few paragraphs with a lump in my throat that was hard to speak around. The language and character quirks got easier to pronounce as we progressed through the chapters, though I must admit I still have no idea what a Mumbling Mew might be! I was rather delighted when I read aloud "Let us go widdershins" (having no clue at all what that might possibly mean) and my daughter announced "that means anticlockwise" - most excellent, she became my teacher having learnt that at school. So we learnt new words, we laughed out loud, we stayed up late reading "just one more chapter", we felt uncertainty and sometimes a little uneasy too. We delighted in descriptive language that told us a wonderful tale. Reg Down took us on a fabulous adventure with some unlikely friends. When the story was done, we sat quietly together for some time... reflecting. I am quite glad I have a younger daughter, so I can read all his books again." Amazon Review

"Softer, imaginative stories: These stories really are well-written. They cause the reader to use their imagination and to really think; not just read pointless words. Great for bedtime to create a relaxing atmosphere, but not boring!" Amazon Review

The Treasure Cave

A deftly crafted novel by an experienced and talented author and illustrator of books for children, The Treasure Cave continues the Tiptoes Lightly stories with its superbly drawn characters and thoroughly engaging storyline. Wonderfully entertaining, The Treasure Cave is especially recommended for young readers ages 6 through 10 and will make an enduringly popular addition to both school and community library children's fiction collections. Also very highly recommended for young readers are Reg Down's previous children's books: Tales of Tiptoes Lightly, Eggs for the Hunting, The Lost Lagoon, The Magic Knot ~ and other tangles! and The Midsummer Mouse." Midwest Book Review

"Sooo good! My girl looooooves the Tiptoes books. She's hooked! She says they are her favorite books ever. And, they're fun for me to read too." Amazon Review 

"Lovely little books that my youngest grandson loves. I am so glad you carry them. I will be ordering more I am sure." Amazon Review

 "Another great book by Reg Down. Just finished this with my 6 year old, both he and his 3 year old sister love Tiptoes Lightly. And so do I. Everyone of his books are wonderful, thoughtful and fun no matter how many times we read them. If you are looking for a great chapter book for your young ones look no farther, there is gold in this treasure cave. Turn off the tube and turn on the light(ly)." Amazon Review 

"The Tiptoes series continues. With this latest installment of the Tiptoes series, the Nutcracker family heads to a cottage on the coast with the fairy in tow. Those hoping to hear from the other Tiptoes’ regulars (Jeremy Mouse, the gnomes, etc.) might be disappointed as they are absent in this book, but I found it refreshing to have a singular focus. As with all of the Tiptoes books, the storyline is dotted here and there with mythical-like tales, and this book has several very engaging ones. As the author notes, it is for a bit older kids than the other Tiptoes’ books, and not surprisingly our second grader loved it just as much as all the others." Amazon Review

" A Treasure Indeed! My family and I have been fans of the Tiptoes Lightly books for many years and this one does not disappoint. In most of the books there is another story within and what I found surprising in this book is how many different tales interweave and come together. Besides the story of the Nutcrackers Family's Thanksgiving vacation, Reg Down weaves together the creation of the earth, the Sea King, mermaids, and the story of a lighthouse keeper into a very rich tapestry. Although my 5-year-old enjoyed the book, an older audience of those 8 to 10-years-old would get much more out of reading it." Amazon Review

"Thanksgiving at the Seaside: My family and I have been fans of the Tiptoes Lightly books for many years and this one does not disappoint. In most of the books there is another story within and what I found surprising in this book is how many different tales interweave and come together. Besides the story of the Nutcrackers Family's Thanksgiving vacation, Reg Down weaves together the creation of the earth, the Sea King, mermaids, and the story of a lighthouse keeper into a very rich tapestry. Although my 5-year-old enjoyed the book, an older audience of those 8 to 10-years-old would get much more out of reading it." Amazon Review

"Grateful for such child-centered, heart felt writing! I can not praise Reg Down enough for her brilliant, flowing storytelling. My daughter and I are enchanted with every book! Thank you, Reg!" Amazon Review

"Gentle Tales for Children. In my house we just finished reading this new installment of Tales of Tiptoes Lightly. One of the most exciting things about this latest Tiptoes book was not just the stories but the landscape and landmarks. The characters in this book visit a number of familiar Northern California sites, and so, for my family, reading about these locations was particularly fun. The landscapes of forest and river, sand sea and sky are universal enough, however, that any reader (child or adult) could relate to them and, in their imaginations, feel at home. Also familiar in this book are the scenes of home-life: rhythms and rituals of the family table, routines of story-time and bedtime, etc... For children, reading about the characters and their home-life can make the story very relatable. As for the stories themselves, we were intrigued by the mysterious, romantic tale of the Sea King's fairest daughter; the beauty of this story truly added to our enjoyment of the book as a whole. We were less enthralled by the creation tales of Vallor, Kalor & Vive, Asherah, Iluna & Oshi; however the chapters are short, so it was not a problem to move though the sections which did not resonate with us and continue with the adventures of Tom Nutcracker, June Berry, Tiptoes and the Sea King's fairest daughter. There is so much to enjoy in this sweet book, but one moment which will always stay with me is when Tiptoes the fairy asks a wave where he has come from. The wave answers, "A hundred puffs of wind, three storms and the wiggle of a whale's tail..." Tiptoes then asks whether he is also made from falling stars, and he responds, "Oh, no, not me, but my brother behind me has the splash of a star." Now, when I go to the ocean, I will always keep my eye out for that wave with "the splash of a star." Amazon Review

"Very sweet! My kids love it. I find myself reading more than planned, because I want to know what happens next." Amazon Review

"Delightful. Northern California was home for most of my life so I and my kids recognized landmarks and views. I could see my kid's imagination soar as Tiptoes interacted with nature and explored the sea." Amazon Review

The Adventures of Jayne: the cat who was a dog

"Another Great Book! I couldn't possibly begin to explain how much we loved this book! Not only was it laugh-out-loud funny for both me and my 7 year old, but the humor was innocent and "polite" as compared with many rather sarcastic and downright rude characters in other popular books. The best part though was that after my son fell in love with the hilarious Jayne character, Reg Down then beautifully weaves in an updated version of a classic fairytale near the end of the book. I felt like this last bit of the book addressed so many current issues in this age of selfishness and materialistic values in a way that was incredibly accessible for my first grader. I've already purchased 3 more copies as gifts for friends and family! Thank you thank you thank you, Reg Down." Amazon Review

"An Entertaining Read! I bought this book to read to my five year old daughter and we both loved it. I frequently travel for work, and call or Skype to her to read something at bedtime. I go through a lot of books this way and am always on the lookout for good new books. This one was a pleasure. Fun, silly, and inventive." Amazon Review

"Great kids book and entertaining for the adult reading as well. My son loved this book. The continuing theme was one more chapter, one more chapter every night at bedtime. The story line is clever and entertaining. I also enjoyed the adult social commentary subtly running through the story, especially the last third. The illustrations are beautiful. Reg Down's books have been part of our lives for about the past four years. We purchase each new book as soon as it is released." Amazon Review

"Hilarious reading for 6 and 8 year olds: My children loved having this book read to me. It started out as a book for my 6 year old, but my 8 year old could not resist coming and sitting in my lap as well. The book is really funny, with the kids both laughing frequently. The book is also extremely well written. The vocabulary in the book is fantastic and the story flows beautifully." Amazon Review

"Fabulous book! My daughter loves it. We are reading it for at least the third time now. Reg Down books are our favorites!" Amazon Review

"... on a whim and want everyone to know how great these stories are. I read this book with my children this summer after buying the book on a whim and want everyone to know how great these stories are. We have enjoyed books by Reg Down many times, and this one has taken first place. Jayne is strong and flawed and funny and ridiculous. My 10 year old and 6 year old children love the book as does their 63 year old grandmother. Charming, charming tales." Amazon review

"What fun! My 6 and 8 year old were fully engaged as we journeyed with Jane. At the close of the book both of them asked, "So when does then next Jayne book come out?" Her adventures were imaginative, playful and exciting." Amazon Review

Adam's Alphabet

"Adam's Alphabet is the latest children's book by Reg Down and continues to document his impressive storytelling talents. Exceptionally entertaining and original, Adam's Alphabet is especially recommended to the attention of young readers ages 7 to 12, and would prove to be a popular addition to family, school and community library collections." Midwest Book Review

"A beautiful journey through the alphabet: My children and I really enjoyed this story of a boy who loses his family, and his voice, and has an adventure experiencing the essence of each letter of the alphabet as a message unfolds with the addition of each letter. This is not so much a beginner's intro to the letters, as a deepening of the experience of the letters, more for the over-7 child. Reg Down has such a gift for stories that seem simple on the surface, yet have layers of meaning waiting to be discovered." Amazon Review

The Nine Lives of Pinrut the Turnip Boy

"With The Nine Lives of Pinrut the Turnip Boy author Reg Down again demonstrates a lively imagination combined with superbly crafted storytelling skills that will engage and entertain young readers ranging from grade 3 to grade 6. Very highly recommended for school and community library collections ..." Midwest Book Review

"Lovely book! My 6 yr old loves this book and hasn't put it down since she received it as a gift! She is an advanced reader (1st grader reading at a 3rd grade level) and it can be hard to find books that are age appropriate but advanced enough to challenge her and keep her interested in reading. She loves all of Reg Down's books and this is no exception. Great story that is entertaining to children and adults!" Amazon Review

The Seven Saws of Speedy Weedy and Mosey Dawdle

Midwest Book Review: "The Seven Saws of Speedy Weedy and Mosey Dawdle by Reg Down is an impressive and unfailingly entertaining collection of 26 stories ... Perfect for family bedtime story hours or rainy day family entertainment … very highly recommended for family, school, and community library collections." 

The Fetching of Spring

"A journey is nothing without misadventure. The Fetching of Spring is a humorous spin on the fairy tale from Reg Down, following young Tik-Tak as he is sent off to recover the Golden Bird, and ends up seemingly doing everything but. A story of a young one with good intentions perhaps ending up doing more good than he ever thought he could, The Fetching of Spring is an excellent pick for anyone looking for a fun take on the fairy tale fantasy." Midwest Book Review

"The Fetching of Spring is a joyful, heartbreaking, action packed, contemplative, funny, whimsical, uplifting, and deeply serious fairy tale for grown ups by an author who has delighted children for years. Much of the charm of this tale lies in the comedic tension between its fleet-footed telling, and the perilous quest of its stumbling hero. Its joy, on the other hand, is found in the author’s clear-eyed assessment of our modern condition and the demands it places on us for survival as human beings. That he couches all this so beautifully within the conventions of a classic fairy tale is nothing less than sublime. The Fetching of Spring is wonderful reading of the very best sort: a story true and strong, told with joy and wonder, clarity and hope.  This one is not to be missed."  Nancy Parsons, Waldorf Books

"The Fetching of Spring is a story for everyone to read and reread - and to be inspired to continue one's own journey in seach of the silenced Golden Bird" Lilipoh Magazine 

"A Grail story for our time. This is both a delightful and serious story for the times we live in. There lives in this story pictures we can all live into; the young Fool, leaving home, naively setting forth in quest of a Golden Bird. It is the story of the journey from innocence, to struggle and then the return home with a renewed consciousness of maturity. Take this book into your home and into your heart; a delightful fairy tale for adults! it is truly a Grail story for our times." Amazon Review

"Reg Down's fairy tale for adults is a delightful story with all the elements of a fairy tale: the journey, the quest, the obstacles and the happy ending. Tik-Tak the protagonist endears himself to readers as he sets out on a journey to find the stolen Golden Bird and in the process discovers himself and the world around him. His unfolding from a lazy baker's son to a strong, upright man who acquires a heart felt understanding of life and love is a transformation that is engaging and beautifully written.
I read with much pleasure (and horror) the author's parody of the world we live in - the lifestyle of people who are hooked on media, and live an extremely sedentary life while consuming vast quantities of food called 'rugbers' and 'azzip'. The creative use of language, such as humor, puns and word play, simultaneously lightens the reading experience and highlights the underlying weighty message about the human condition. It is very sobering to realize that, in the world around us, the need for connectivity with a screen is quickly surpassing the need for human connection.
In addition to Tik-Tak, the character of Spring is another vital force in the book and her transformation (I don't want to give too much away) is magical and uplifting as it seems to say that Winter turning to Spring, can indeed be an eternal, hopeful state of mind when seen through an open and warm heart!" Amazon Review

"Described as 'a fairy tale for adults', The Fetching of Spring is just that. It manages to be funny, serious, unsettling, inspiring, uplifting, and thought-provoking all at once. It causes one to see our current world from the perspective of an outsider, which allows one to see and understand/question aspects of modern society from a fresher perspective. The exercise is often upsetting, but valuable. Only when one can examine habits and trends can one change or resist them in favor of ways that are more positive. Someone familiar with Steiner would get very much out of this story, but one doesn't have to know anything about his philosophy to be able to understand the allegory well. This was an enjoyable read, one I can see myself pondering for some time and returning to for repeat readings." Amazon Review

Color and Gesture

"Reg Down’s Color and Gesture is a monumental work that explores in depth and with beauty the inner life of color as expressed through eurythmy and Rudolf Steiner’s spiritual vision – this is an amazing book!" Nancy Parsons Waldorf Books

The following review is by Therese Schroeder-Sheker, founder and academic dean the School of Music-Thanatology. Formally, thanatology is the scientific study of death, investigating the bodily changes that accompany death, as well as the wider social aspects related to death and dying. It is primarily an interdisciplinary study offered as a course at colleges and universities. Therese’s work is centered on playing music for the dying in clinical, hospice and home settings. Her approach is informed by anthroposophy and her work has been the subject of an award winning documentary. This review will appear in the Zoe, the journal for music-thanatology and contemplative musicianship, and Coherence, a professional journal for music therapists, the newsletter of the Eurythmy Association of North America and the Eurythmy Association of Great Britain and Ireland. See www.chaliceofrepose.orgfor further information on Therese's work, bibliography and discography.

 “My highest praise and appreciation go to Reg Down for these quiet, sensitive, lucid and lyrical pages. Color and Gesture presents a series of meditative essays and illustrated explorations on the formative and transformative power of color and gesture, sound and music, body and soul from the perspective of a practicing eurythmist. Surely this represents a life-work, penned by someone who is an artist and philosopher, and who has taken the art of pedagogy seriously. Each section is carefully developed, and reflects the author’s capacity for observation. With rare sensibility he describes interior and exterior phenomena, inner space and outer space. As both participant and observer, his sensitivity toward color, gesture and sound models for all readers a rare balance between the human capacities for thinking, feeling and willing. All three are represented in this work in such a way that they are equally present, interconnected, mutually fructifying, and life-giving. One way of knowing does not eclipse another way of knowing, and his knowing does not eclipse being nor drown out feeling.

We can learn so much from this book, not only for the innate content, accompanied by a sensitive use of language, but also for the model of reflection the author presents. I am not a dancer, nor a eurythmist. I am a contemplative, an artist and a musician-clinician, and long ago promised myself to nourish the capacity to learn from everyone and everything, personally and professionally. It is my hope that representatives from many of the arts and humanities will seek out and learn something profound from Mr. Down’s imaginative work. When he speaks about yellow or violet, incarnation or excarnation, color theory, muscle tension, or major and minor scales, he speaks in such a way that I listen. Although Color and Gesture is implicitly a work about the inner life of color, I can’t help but be struck by the fact that this work also offers a new kind of curriculum in presence-of-being. Reg Down is a master of witnessing. Seeing and hearing are culturally conditioned, and we do not all see or hear in the same way. Most moderns are bombarded with such a surplus of undigested sensory impressions that we can at times become numb with overload, to possibility, to quivering potential, to reality. When we add to this the tendency to function through theory or abstraction, an experiential work of this magnitude lights up as radical and life-giving. To this end, Color and Gesture is a significant work, it helps repair the modern malaise of fragmentation. Whether taking a walk at night in order to gaze at the evening stars and breathe them in, or attending someone suffering with metastatic breast cancer, this book has affected me. I am more beautifully sensitized and prepared to meet the dynamism, subtlety and terrain of health and illness, living and dying, human encounter and relationship with Nature, after spending time with this strong and searching work.”

Therese Schroeder-Sheker, Academic Dean, School of Music-Thanatology, Chalice of Repose Project,

General Reviews and Comments

"We have recently 'discovered' Reg Down's Tiptoes Lightly books and my kindergartener ADORES them. They are "chapter" books so she feels more grown up (she has an older sibling) but they are very short chapters, 2-3 pages usually and many their own story.  I definitely would say these are fantastic Kindergarten/First Grade type books." Melaniee - Mothering Magazine

"My girls adore Tiptoes Lightly! If you're not familiar with these wonderful chapter books just take a swing by the author's website. He offers many stories for you to sample, for free! But let me just go ahead and tell you, you're going to want the whole book and every one of them. Honestly, I just can't imagine any child (or adult for that matter) not being thoroughly enchanted with the stories. The slim books are broken down into easy chapters 1-3 pages long. We read at least 2 or 3 chapters every time we sit down with them. And the girls always want more! They center around a fairy by the name of Tiptoes Lightly who lives in an acorn in the Great Oak Tree. She has many fun adventures with her friends, Pine Cone and Pepper Pot, Jeremy Mouse, Ompliant the Elephant and also the children who live on the farm, June Berry and Tom Nutcracker. The stories are very gentle and are perfectly in tune with a Waldorf-inspired life style. It brings me such pleasure when my children are able to relate to the seasonal festivals and goings on in the Tiptoes books in a way they don't get from any other series. Our books are carried around and brought to bed and poured over daily, even though my little ones aren't reading yet. But I hear them making up their own stories as they follow the sweet and simple illustrations and in their play." This Cozy Life

"Do you know Tiptoes Lightly and her friends, who come alive through a series of delightful stories to share with your young children? Eurythmist Reg Down has created 8 children's books about their adventures--check them out on his website! Especially recommended for fall are the stories "The Most Beautiful Dragon in the Whole World" and "St. Martin's Light" from his book The Festival of Stones. These and many other short stories are available as free downloads on his website, but the illustrations are so lovely that you'll want to buy the complete books! Reg has also recently edited and re-released a favorite for older children, The King of Ireland's Son by Padraic Colum. He has also republished Gilgamesh (5th grade) and The Children of Odin - The Book of Northern Myths by Padraic Colum (4th grade). My children loved The King of Ireland's Son when they were growing up, and I'm looking forward to sharing the Tiptoes Lightly stories with grandchildren!" Waldorf in the Home