The Tiptoes Lightly Series

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I am often asked about the order of my Tiptoes Lightly tales. There is no specific order. All the Tiptoes' tales are for general family reading from kindergarten to age 10 or so. Each title can be read separately since the tales exist in 'childhood time'. However, there is a slight difference in tone and languaging. So here's my ordering from younger to older in this respect.

1) The Bee who lost his Buzz
2) The Tales of Tiptoes Lightly / The Festival of Stones / Big-Stamp Two-Toes the Barefoot Giant / The Alphabet / The Magic Knot / Eggs for the Hunting / The Starry Bird / The Alphabet
3) The Lost Lagoon
4) The Midsummer Mouse
5) The Treasure Cave  (This book is for grade 1 to grade 4/5.)

My remaining books are not Tiptoes books. See each synopsis for age appropriateness.