Links of Interest

Pied Piper Press is a website I have set up to serve vendors, schools, organizations and homeschoolers. It carries my children's books, books by other authors and children's books and readers from Whole Spirit Press which has closed its doors. Please visit the site and check out the discount terms for book orders.
Alliance for Childhood  If you are interested in issues currently affecting children and childhood these folk are worth checking out.
The Online Waldorf Library  Good resource for things Waldorf.
Lilipoh  A great little magazine with thought-provoking articles.
Waldorf Today  Dedicated to things Waldorf - very good site with excellent articles.
Michaelmas Press  An independent press dedicated to reading and education.
Queen of the Sun  A film about bees, their importance to our lives and the reasons behind their recent collapse.
The Real Dirt on Farmer John  A film about the life of a farmer who goes organic.  This is a social action group. It makes an impact through the sheer volume of signatures it generates on petitions. Join and make a change.

Blog Links

I have had many referrals and mentions from bloggers - teachers, parents, homeschoolers. Thank you! Some have specific content that might be of interest to you. If I've missed you, let me know. :)

All Parenting  Online magazine. Great review of The Tales of Tiptoes Lightly.
Ancient Hearth  Making Tiptoes and the gnomes out of wool roving.
Bending Birches  Celebrating the 3rd week of Advent - the festival of animals.
Castle of Costa Mesa  A lively blog worth checking out.  
Chocolate Eyes  Artist mom and homeschooler.
Decidedly Eccentric  Homeschooler. Has a piece on working with The Life of a Leaf story.
Earth Boys  Adventures of children schooled on an organic farm.
Ginger and Pickles  A great little store in Boulder, Colorado - they did an author interview with moi.
Happy Whimsical Hearts  
Heartfelt Homemaking  
Jen's Mental Scribblings  
Joy Grows  Felt gnomes, knitted Jeremy Mouse and story drawings.
Life with Two Girls  Serendipity at work in this family.
Love in the Suburbs  Photos and blog of storytime and puppet show.
Our Journey round the Mulberry Bush
Passengers on a little Spaceship
Schooling from the Heart  Homeschooling blog plus knitted Jeremy and Jemima Mouse. Cute!
Sure as the World  A homeschooling blog.
Sweet Home Days
Teacher Tips and Lesson Plans
the littlest - by Elizabeth Antonia
The Magic Onions  Homeschooling blog and website
The Waldorf Connection  Help with Homeschooling.
This Cozy Life  A birthday party with a Tiptoes puppet show! Neat!
This Whole House  Homeschooling Blog
Twig and Toadstool  Making autumn crafts - mentions The Life of a Leaf story.
Twinkles and Twigs
Unplug your Kids  Review of The Tales of Tiptoes Lightly.
Waldorf in the Home  Great site.
Waldorf Reviews  Reviews of Waldorf or Waldorf friendly products.
Wood Nymph Way