The real 'Oh-Oh Tree' from The Lost Lagoon

The Oh-Oh Tree hangs on a river bluff close to the old, orange bridge near Fair Oaks, California. Used for foot traffic only, it leads across the American River to a park. To find the Oh-Oh Tree, follow Bridge Street down the hill and onto the bridge. Look up river and you can't miss it. There's also a footpath that leads to the top of the bluff. You can stand right beside the tree. Be super-careful if you have kids with you!!!


These shots shows how precarious the tree is. It's been there for years!


Looking up river towards the Sierra Nevada - or the Snowy Mountains as Tiptoes Lightly calls them. It was hazy when I took the photo, but you can see the snowcaps if you look carefully at the photo below. Also in the photo below, you can see the small island or bar where Greenleaf the Sailor, Tiptoes Lightly, Pine Cone and Pepper Pot stopped for a rest. Here is where Tiptoes met the melancholy toad. Further upstream is the the Lost Lagoon. It's not possible to photograph the place. It's too magical.


A shot of the bluff on the Fair Oaks' side of the river. This is where Tom Nutcracker rode at night when he went to the Lost Lagoon.