I am often asked about the age suitability of my titles. Here is the order, in groupings, of my books. The Tiptoes Lightly series also follows this order with respect to age suitability - there is no specific book order of this series, however.

Young kindergarten to grade 2 or 3

The Bee who lost his Buzz
The Cricket and the Shepherd Boy
King Red and the white Snow

Older kindergarten to grade 3 or 4

The Tale of Tiptoes Lightly
The Magic Knot
The Festival of Stones
Big-stamp Two-toes the barefoot Giant
Eggs for the Hunting
The Starry Bird
The Alphabet
A Tangle of Tales
The Seven Saws of Speedy Weedy and Mosey Dawdle

Grade 1 to grade 4

The Lost Lagoon
The Midsummer Mouse
The Treasure Cave
The Adventures of Jayne
The nine LIves of Pinrut the Turnip Boy

Grade 2 or 3 to grade 5 or 6

Sir Gillygad and the gruesome Egg
Kimber's Pig
Adam's Alphabet

Grade 7 through to adult

The Fetching of Spring