Artwork by Children of Tiptoes Lightly and her Friends

Camellia Waldorf School

Tiptoes Lightly and friends from children at the Camellia Waldorf School in Sacramento, California. They experienced Tiptoes and her great oak tree first hand. Some of them saw Pine Cone and Pepper Pot for sure ... and Pins and Needles were definitely spotted in the kindergarten.

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Waldorf School of Atlanta

These drawings came from grade 2 at the Waldorf School of Atlanta. Thank you, dear children!

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Drawings from Readers and their Children

Drawing which readers and their children have sent to me over the years. If you have any, I'd love to add them to the gallery!

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Drawings of Pinrut the Turnip Boy

These drawings and letters are from the students of Chris Connell who teaches at Greentree Elementary, in Drumheller, Alberta, Canada. He wrote to me saying his students liked the Pinrut story and, since it was still in progress, I wrote them into the book. Thanks, guys!

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Toronto Waldorf School, Canada

Drawings I received from grade 2 after I performed The Pumpkin, Mr Big for them in puppetry. Thank you, Grade Two!