Puppet Shows by Tiptoes Lightly Fans


When readers put together a puppet show using my stories they sometimes send me photographs of their creation. Thank you so much! If you do a show - let me know! I'd love to post you on this page.

St Martin's Light Puppet Show

Brenna Rothschild's marionette show of St. Martin's Light, a story found in The Festival of Stones.

There is a back story to Brenna doing this show and tale. While the family was camping their 9 year old daughter wandered away from the campsite and was lost in the redwood forest for twenty-two hours.  After she was miraculously found and returned to her family, she shared that she thought of this story while she was lost and darkness was falling.  She repeated the prayer St Martin said when he was lost in the forest at night and which she remembered word for word.

‘Dear Lord,
I have done my best,
But can’t lay down to rest—
I am lost and cannot see,
Send a light to comfort me.’

After she said the prayer, the full moon rose and kept her company until morning when she was rescued. Brenna's email to me goes on: "Her words brought home to me the importance of the work you (and I in my small way) and many others are doing, bringing true-hearted stories to children. These stories live in children, giving them courage in a troubled world. Stories can literally save lives."

Gosh - did this ever send a shiver down my back!

A Birthday Puppet Show

Here are some shots from a puppet show Julie Hunter put on for her daughter's 7th birthday. The story was from the The Tales of Tiptoes Lightly where Ompliant the Elephant is unplugged (he has an apple stuck in his trunk) and the gnomes lose their hats. It's looks like so much fun!