The Starry Bird

an Easter tale

One morning an egg appears in the meadow below the Great Oak Tree. Neither Jeremy Mouse nor the fairy Tiptoes Lightly have ever seen such a huge egg – over a foot tall! They go to Farmer John’s in search of an answer, but without any luck, and when they return the egg has grown!

Now begins an adventure which involves most everybody on the farm – human, animal and sprite. The egg, later hidden deep in the forest, keeps growing and finally hatches in a beautiful way on Easter Sunday.

The Starry Bird is an Easter tale with healthy doses of humor, adventure, and just plain fun. But underneath, in a form suitable for children, run the mystery-questions of life, death and resurrection that lie at the heart of Easter. Sample story: The Little Starry Bird.

Illustrated; soft cover; 110 pages. Suitable for kindergarten through grade 3 or 4.

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"Parents and children will enjoy The Starry Bird, the perfect book to send along with a favorite young person on their spring vacation or in their Easter basket." Midwest Book Review

"Best Easter Gift! The Easter Bunny left this in the girls Easter Basket last year and it was by far the most treasured gift...even above the chocolate bunny!" Amazon Review

"Another wonderful book in this series! All of the Tiptoes Lightly books are gentle, sweet stories and this book is no exception. I enjoyed it greatly and look forward to sharing it with my children when Spring comes." Amazon Review