The Magic Knot

~ and other tangles!

A making-tale comedy starring Pine Cone and Pepper Pot the gnomes. They decide, since it is soon to be Tiptoes' birthday and she has no furniture in her house, to make her one table and three chairs. A simple task for clever gnomes - so we would think! But, from the finding of the perfect branch to getting the table and chairs to the top of the Great Oak Tree where Tiptoes' acorn house swings back and forth, things go awry. On the way they get help from a host of friends: Ompliant the Elephant, Jeremy Mouse, the Carpenter Ants, Chiron the Pony and Spin-a-lot the Spider - to name just a few. Finally, when her surprise birthday party rolls around, Tiptoes tells the enchanting tale of how she came to live in the Great Oak Tree as a daughter of Father Sun and Mother Wind.

An additional story, The Tale of None, is found at the end of the book. It tells of a ladybug who had no spots—none at all!—until she completes her spot-finding journey to India, Africa and America.

Lavishly illustrated by the artist-author, The Magic Knot is full of innocent, sanguine humor, and is suitable for reading to young children or for young children to read (ages 4 to 9). Sample story: Tiptoes Tells How She Was Born.

Soft cover, 108 pages. Purchase Book


"This book is a must have for any child, right along with all of Reg Down's books. We have read this book many times and you will not be disappointed." Amazon Review

"Very sweet book! My son loves listening to Tiptoes stories even though he is eight. I think Tiptoes is a great birthday present to any young child." Amazon Review

"Wonderful! Great book! My girls ages 7 & 10 both loved it. It was silly and fun and had no evil characters or scary stuff....because of this book we bought other Tiptoes books!" Amazon Review

"One of the best children's books! My three-year old boy and seven-year-old girl adore these books! They are simple enough so that the younger one can understand and remain entertaining as they get older." Bob Daniels, Amazon Review

"Clever and fun! I think this is the girls most favorite book! The stories revolve around preparations for Tiptoes' birthday. Her gnome friends decided to make her a table and chairs and get their ant, spider and bee friends to help out. and Ompliant the elephant too! At the end, Tiptoes tells the story of her birth. The girls INSIST that we read this story at each birthday party and sing her birthday song!" Amazon Review 

"Our kids love it, and so do we! Beautiful, well written, magical stories. My kids, 6 and 9-who are "Magic Treehouse" and "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" addicts, both love to hear the stories. They're great read-aloud tales for night time. This one, in particular, was quite funny. Many books by Reg Down are seasonal in nature, but this one is great for all year. The Tiptoes books are highly regarded in this family!" Amazon Review

"Fun and funny story: All of the Tiptoes stories have been such a gift for me & my 4-year-old to read. This book was the favorite so far. Fun, funny stories with a good heart to them!" Amazon Review