The Lost Lagoon

Adventures of Tiptoes Lightly and Greenleaf the Sailor

It is spring and Running River is in full flood. Tiptoes Lightly and Jeremy Mouse visit Greenleaf the Sailor and venture forth in his newly made leaf boat. Soon they are joined by Pine Cone and Pepper Pot the Gnomes and together they search for the Lost Lagoon the frogs have been so beautifully singing about.

Meanwhile, Farmer John reads The Adam Tales to Tom Nutcracker and June Berry. Later, Tom impulsively rides off on Chiron and he too comes to the Lost Lagoon. What happens on this night, with its majestic, rising moon, is filled with a wonder and magic that won't soon be forgotten.

With tons of illustrations and drawings, this book is suitable for reading to children from late kindergarten to grade 3, or used as a reader in grades 2 to 4. Sample stories: The Life of a Leaf / The Adam Child / The saddest Slug Tale in the Whole Wide World.

Soft cover, 136 pages, illustrated. Purchase Book


The Lost Lagoon is a fun and recommended pick for younger readers." Midwest Book Review

"Fascinating. Based on my kids faces and comments about this book I can tell is one of Reg Down's favorites in this house. It's just fascinating!" Amazon Review

"Greatness! Reg Down is the bomb. My 5 year old love love loves the tiptoes books. They're sweet and full of magic and the mysteries of nature. We have them all!" Amazon Review

"Excellent book! I love the stories and the drawings and so does my daughter (9) We takes turns reading to each other and always want the next chapter. Great continuation of the Tiptoes stories." Amazon Canada Review