The Fetching of Spring

The Golden Bird has been stolen (apparently) and Tik-Tak is sent to fetch it. The naive and dreamy youth rides southwards (it’s warmer in that direction), gets kicked out of two kingdoms, meets Erce-Ma, loses his hopeless steed, gains a much better one, stumbles into the Undwelling and its townships, descends into Akkman’s Dwell, rescues the bird (and other abductees), returns (still not fully awake) with the bird, refuses the hand of the Princess (what!), becomes a successful entrepreneur, is jailed > is released > then steals the bird (wrong order, I know, but that’s the truth), returns to Spring, returns to Tansa, gets familied, assumes the kingship and unites the Three Kingdoms (well, it’s a work in progress).

The Fetching of Spring, written with a humorous nod to the fairy tale, has a deadly serious subtext. Setting out from the Kingdom of the Golden Bird, our hero descends via the earthly into contemporary sub-earthly realms to confront Akkman, the ruling spirit of materialism.

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"The Fetching of Spring is wonderful reading of the very best sort: a story true and strong, told with joy and wonder, clarity and hope.  This one is not to be missed." Waldorf Books

"The Fetching of Spring is an excellent pick for anyone looking for a fun take on the fairy tale fantasy." Midwest Book Review

"Thought-provoking: Described as 'a fairy tale for adults', The Fetching of Spring is just that. It manages to be funny, serious, unsettling, inspiring, uplifting, and thought-provoking all at once. It causes one to see our current world from the perspective of an outsider, which allows one to see and understand/question aspects of modern society from a fresher perspective. The exercise is often upsetting, but valuable. Only when one can examine habits and trends can one change or resist them in favor of ways that are more positive. Someone familiar with Steiner would get very much out of this story, but one doesn't have to know anything about those philosophies to be able to understand the allegory well. This was an enjoyable read, one I can see myself pondering for some time and returning to for repeat readings." Amazon Review

"A grail story for our times: This is both a delightful and serious story for the times we live in. There lives in this story pictures we can all live into; the young Fool, leaving home, naively setting forth in quest of a Golden Bird. It is the story of the journey from innocence, to struggle and then the return home with a renewed consciousness of maturity. Open up this book and inside you will discover magic pictures and words to fuel your imagination, not to mention change the way you look at our modern world and the times we live in; a delightful fairy tale for adults! it is truly a Grail story for our times." Amazon Review

"Springs forth a new consciousness: Reg Down's fairy tale for adults is a delightful story with all the elements of a fairy tale: the journey, the quest, the obstacles and the happy ending. Tik-Tak the protagonist endears himself to readers as he sets out on a journey to find the stolen Golden Bird and in the process discovers himself and the world around him. His unfolding from a lazy, baker's son to a strong, upright man who acquires a heart felt understanding of life and love is a transformation that is engaging and beautifully written. 

I read with much pleasure (and horror) the author's parody of the world we live in-- the lifestyle of people who are hooked on media, and live an extremely sedentary life while consuming vast quantities of food called "rugbers" and "azzip." The creative use of language, such as humor, puns and word play, simultaneously lightens the reading experience and highlights the underlying weighty message about the human condition. It is very sobering to realize that, in the world around us, the need for connectivity with a screen is quickly surpassing the need for human connection.

In addition to Tik-Tak, the character of Spring is another vital force in the book and her transformation (I don't want to give too much away) is magical and uplifting as it seems to say that Winter turning to Spring, can indeed be an eternal, hopeful state of mind when seen through an open and warm heart!" Amazon Review