The Alphabet

how Pine Cone and Pepper Pot
(with the help of Tiptoes Lightly and Farmer John)
learned Tom Nutcracker and June Berry their letters

Summer is almost over and Tom Nutcracker is soon to go to school. But deep in the forest on his father’s farm two gnomes called Pine Cone and Pepper Pot are worried. What if the school does not teach Tom his letters properly? What if the teacher messes the alphabet up? Then Tom might spell the Pine Cone as NEPI NOEC, or Pepper Pot as PREPREP TOP. He might even spell the famous Tiptoes Lightly as TOESPIT THIGLLY. That would be a disaster. A huge disaster! So the two gnomes, with the help of Tiptoes Lightly and Farmer John, set out to teach Tom his letters. Tom’s younger sister, June Berry, insists on being taught too, and never will they, or anyone else who reads this tale, forget their ABC’s – or their LMNOP’s or QRST’s either. 

Whether your child knows their alphabet or not Pine Cone and Pepper Pot guarantee that they will see the letters and their shapes with new and creative eyes. The Alphabet is filled with stories, songs, pictures, plays and adventures silly and bold.

PS - the humorous use of the word 'learned' instead of 'taught' in the subtitle, while colloquial, is correct. It dates from circa 1300 and extends into our times - it is used in the southern USA, western Ireland and rural England. I am in the luminous company of Shakespeare, Disraeli, Wodehouse et al. in its use. See this PDF of the Oxford English Dictionary definition. :)

Illustrated by the author-artist, The Alphabet is a large format, full color book, suitable for children from late kindergarten to grade three – and for teachers and homeschoolers seeking to enrich the art of learning to write.

Take a peek inside The Alphabet book.

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Waldorf Today Review: "If Waldorf Today awarded a Children's Book of the Year, The Alphabet would be the hands-down choice for 2015!" 

Midwest Book Review: "The Alphabet is very highly recommended and is as subtly educational as it is sheer fun!"

"I would absolutely recommend this book. I rarely (if ever) buy books new over $10, but the book has been worth every penny and I would absolutely purchase it again!" Amazon Review

"As huge fans this book does not disappoint. Great story with beautiful illustrations. A much have for your personal library." Amazon Review

"This book is delightful! We have a couple other Reg Down books, and this is a great addition to our collection. I have 3 boys (8, 5, 2) and they have enjoyed this book a lot!! Lots of laughter and smiles!" Amazon Review

"You will not regret this purchase. My boys, ages 9,6 and 2 ADORE the funny stories associated with each letter of the Alphabet. Such a wonderful purchase to use with learning the Alphabet and preparation for reading. Enjoyable for years afterward as well. Thanks Mr Down!!" Amazon Review