Stories for Grade Four

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A Child's Creation Myth
A Mess of Microtales
Bitterfly and Butterfly – a fable
Dilly Dally goes to School
Ish the Fish and the Fisherman
Ish the Fish at the Swimming Pool – a mystery tale
Ish the Fish in the Gardens – a mystery tale
Ish the Fish swims along the Shore – a mystery tale
Jellyfish Wish – a poem
Lilac lived in Lala Land – a color tale
Mosey Dawdle's Lesson
Mosey Dawdle makes the World
Mosey Dawdle's Secret
Peekaboo's Bicycle – a Silly Willy tale
Sahwah and Berry Blue – a mystery tale
Sloth's Nomyth
Swan and Snake – a poem
The Ant's Act – a fable
The Bedbug's Tale
The Blue Red Bird
The Bull, the Lion, the Eagle, and the Man with Wings – a riddle tale
The Cow, the Magpie and the scallywag Tramp
The Dragon Princess
The Elephant's Psalm
The first Snowdrops – the soul's connection to nature
The Frog Princess
The Giraffe's Creation Myth
The Girl who asked Questions
The Green Bird
The Mole's Creation Myth
The Piano, the Mouth Organ and the Drum
The Salmon's Tale
The Snake's Creation Myth
The Starry Bird – an Easter tale
The Tale of Bump
The Tale of Glasses Two – a mystery tale
The Tale of Pixie Purple
The Tale of the Three Skunks – a fable
The Tale of Turana
The Three Butterflies – a story of love
The tiny Tractor Lawn Mower, the Vacuum and the Cell Phone
The true Frog Prince
The Turnip Princess – a translated and retold fairytale
The Two Crows and the Sun – a mystery tale
The Walnut Tree
Tiptoes meets the Sunset Angels – text and poem
Undine's Daughter – a poem
We've always been together – a riddle
What the Matter-Gnomes said – a poem
Why Tomatoes do be Red – a Silly Willy tale

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