Sir Gillygad and the Gruesome Egg

Sir Gillygad is a knight, a doughty knight who rides about on his trusty frog called Gorf. They venture forth on adventures bold and exciting: to the Twinkle, to Holey Hill, to the Plain of Dreams—even as far as World's End. Then rumors are heard, rumors of an egg, a Gruesome Egg, with two leggs, a left leg and a right leg, and the leggs were bird’s leggs—which makes sense in an eggy sort of way. It is haunting the Daark Forest close to the Mumbly Mews and the gerwine Greneff.  So off Sir Gillygad gallops (well, hoppedy-hops), there to meet and confront this unique and remarkable beast.

 Sir Gillygad and the Gruesome Egg is an adventuresome tale, suitable for children aged 9 to 12 or thereabouts—and adults too, if they still are young at heart and open to the wonders that speak to the mystery of friendship, life and becoming.

Illustrated, soft cover, 168 pages. Purchase Book


"Sir Gillygad and the Gruesome Egg is well worth considering for the elementary-middle school bridge." Midwest Book Review

"What a fabulous story. I read it aloud to our almost 9 year old, and he loved it, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it too. As another reviewer noted, there is a range of emotions here, including sad and melancholic moments (which is why the author recommends it for older kids), but don't let that put you off as it feels quite real and genuine and not forced. Overall the characters are engaging, quirky, whimsical, and a few times amusingly baffling. Highly recommended." Amazon Review

"Softer, imaginative stories ... really are well-written. They cause the reader to use their imagination and to really think; not just read pointless words. Great for bedtime to create a relaxing atmosphere ..." Amazon Review