Short Stories for Children

Stories from Kindergarten to High School and Adult

Here are the short tales from my collection. Some would call them the very short stories. They are mostly two pages or less. It almost killed me to exclude some tales which were just a little but longer! :)


King Red and the White Snow
The Adventure of Willy Worm
The Blue Cave
The Brown Gnome
The House that Dakota built
The House that Robin built
The Legend of Oak Knoll Warren
The Orange Gnome from Spain
The Pumpkin, Mister Big 1
The Pumpkin, Mister Big 2
The Rat and the Cat - a fun tale and reader
The Rosy Princess and the Yellow Elf

Grade 1

Boo-hoo Blue
How the Flat Field became Beautiful
Hungry Wungry looks for Foodie Wooodie
Jack Frost's Tale
Mister Big and the Gophers
Saint Martin's Light
The Cat and Mouse
The Giant, the Crows, the Cow and the Moon
The Green Elf
The Life of a Leaf
The Most Beautiful Dragon in the Whole World – a Michaelmas tale
The Rambling Rose and the Fir Tree
The Real Story of the Thanksgiving Turkey
The saddest Slug Tale in the Whole Wide World
The Tale of None
The Toad under the Stone
The Yellow Elf and the Sun
Tiptoes Tells How She Was Born

Grade 2

Big-stamp Two-toes the Barefoot Giant
Itchy Witchy, Scratchy Watchy and Tickle Wickle – a Silly Willy tale
Long Legs the Spider
Looking for Peekaboo – a Silly Willy tale
Lucky Ducky went for a Waddle
Mosey Dawdle makes the World
Peekaboo goes Fishing – a Silly Willy tale
Silly Willy looks for Foodie-Wooodie
Silly Willy looks for Hungry Wungry
The African Elephant bears All
The Buffalo bears All
The Bull bears All
The Burden Bull of Scotland
The Firefly's Story
The Fly and the Butter
The Indian Elephant bears All
The Lamb, the Ram and the Wolf
The last time Shady Slim rode on Mosey Dawdle’s back
The Myth of Ella-jah
The Puddle Nixie
The Roo bears All
The Sad Tale of Forget-me-not
The Tale of Crystal Fire
The Visit
The World Egg ~ or ~ Creation according to Madam Two Pecks
Why Cows do have four Legs – a Silly Willy tale
Why Cows do wear Bells – a Silly Willy tale

Grade 3

Boy Yellow and Girl Blue
Foodie Woodie and Hungry Wungry – a Silly Willy preposition tale
How Birds do fly – a Silly Willy tale
How Children come to Be
How Cows do jump over the Moon – a Silly Willy tale
How Cows do Moo – a Silly Willy tale
How Milk is made – a Silly Willy tale
Mosey Dawdle makes the World

Read 1st - Mosey Dawdle wins by a Nap
Read 2nd - Speedy Weedy, Mosey Dawdle and Hungry Coyote
Read 3rd - Speedy Weedy, Mosey Dawdle and the Ghost of Hungry Coyote
Read 4th - Speedy Weedy, Mosey Dawdle and Roger Dodger’s Fingers and Toes
Read 5th - Mosey Dawdle wins by a Tail
Read 6th - The long and short Race of Speedy Weedy and Mosey Dawdle
Read 7th - The final Race of Speedy-Weedy and Mosey Dawdle

Speedy-Weedy and Painted Shell
The Angel
The Butterfly and the Flower
The Donkey and the Rat Race
The Flea speaks!
The Fox who Knew almost Everything
The Frog and the Dragonfly
The Gift – an Easter story
The Life of a Tree – a nature tale
The Snail's Creation Myth
The Sparrow's Psalm to God
The Sun and the Butterfly
The Tale of Stick
The Tallest Flower
The telling Tale of the Cup
The tragic Tale of the Plate
The Twelve Wise Owls and the Wolf
There's a Rhino in my Tea – a Silly Willy tale
Why Cows do moo at the Moon – a Silly Willy tale
Why Cows have beautiful Eyes – a Silly Willy tale

Grade 4

A Child's Creation Myth
A Mess of Microtales
Bitterfly and Butterfly
Dilly Dally goes to School
Ish the Fish at the Swimming Pool
Ish the Fish in the Gardens
Ish the Fish swims along the Shore
Lilac lived in Lala Land
Mosey Dawdle's Lesson
Mosey Dawdle makes the World
Peekaboo's Bicycle – a Silly Willy tale
Sahwah and Berry Blue
Sloth's Nomyth
The Ant's Act
The Bedbug's Tale
The Blue Red Bird
The Bull, the Lion, the Eagle, and the Man with Wings
The Dragon Princess
The Elephant's Psalm
The first Snowdrops
The Frog Princess
The Giraffe's Creation Myth
The Girl who asked Questions
The Green Bird
The Mole's Creation Myth
The Piano, the Mouth Organ and the Drum
The Snake's Creation Myth
The Starry Bird – an Easter tale
The Tale of Bump
The Tale of Glasses Two
The Tale of Pixie Purple
The Tale of the Three Skunks
The Three Butterflies
The tiny Tractor Lawn Mower, the Vacuum and the Cell Phone
The Two Crows and the Sun
Why Tomatoes do be Red – a Silly Willy tale

Grade 5

Adam went a-picking Apples – an apologue
Ish the Fish and the River of Being – a mystery tale
Mosey Dawdle and the Great Snake
Mosey Dawdle makes the World
The Butterfly's Creation Myth
The Eagle's Hymn to the Light
The Horse Girl
The How of the Great Blue Heron
The Orange Balloon – a satirical tale of the 2016 American election
The Pencil Writer
The Silver Maiden
The So-la Bird – a mystic tale
The Tale of Twice
Three Pennies
What really happened in the Gorgeous Garden ~ or ~ How that pesky mosquito, Little Sword, caused the Fall of Man

Grade 6

All-encompassing Angel Blue – a color tale
Birds of two Feathers – a fable
Mosey Dawdle visits the Waters
Mosey Dawdle went for a Wander
There's a Tree outside my House
Truth, Beauty and Goodness go for a Walk
Truth, Beauty, Goodness and GMOs

Grade 7

Cops and Ducks – a satire
Ish the Fish and the Mother of Stone
Ish the Fish in the Land of Angels
Ish the Fish swims the Drag
The Candle, the Moth and the Hand
The Tale of Snake and Us
What Practical did to Light and Laughter

Grade 8 to High School and Adult

Ish the Fish and Gentleman Buck
Mosey Dawdle and the Stages of Being – a mystery tale
The Butterfly Man

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