Stories for Grade Three

See also earlier and later grades for suitable stories and poems - or the Complete Story List page.

Adam makes a Pot for Evening Star (a companion tale to The Adam Child)
Advent the First: The Festival of Stones
Advent the Second: The Festival of Plants
Advent the Third: The Myth of Ella-jah
Advent the Fourth: The Festival of Light
Boy Yellow and Girl Blue – a color tale
Foodie Woodie and Hungry Wungry – a Silly Willy preposition tale
Harvest Song – a poem
Hopalot and Hungry Fox
Hop-o-Lay Grasshopper – a poem from The Lost Lagoon
How Birds do fly – a Silly Willy tale
How Children come to Be – an incarnation tale
How Cows do jump over the Moon – a Silly Willy tale
How Cows do Moo – a Silly Willy tale
How Milk is made – a Silly Willy tale
Mosey Dawdle makes the World
Peter and the Sea Maiden

Read 1st - Mosey Dawdle wins by a Nap
Read 2nd - Speedy Weedy, Mosey Dawdle and Hungry Coyote
Read 3rd - Speedy Weedy, Mosey Dawdle and the Ghost of Hungry Coyote
Read 4th - Speedy Weedy, Mosey Dawdle and Roger Dodger’s Fingers and Toes
Read 5th - Mosey Dawdle wins by a Tail
Read 6th - The long and short Race of Speedy Weedy and Mosey Dawdle
Read 7th - The final Race of Speedy-Weedy and Mosey Dawdle

Speedy-Weedy and Painted Shell – a fable
Sylph Song – a poem
The Adam Child
The Adam Child (translated into Hebrew)
The Angel – an angel tale with a twist
The Butterfly and the Flower
The Butterfly King
The Cow with Poetry in her Tracks – a poem
The Donkey and the Rat Race – a fable
The Elephant and I – a poem
The Festival of the Christmas Child from The Festival of Stones
The Frog and the Fish – a poem
The Flea speaks! – a riddle tale
The Fox who Knew almost Everything – a fable
The Frog and the Dragonfly – a fable
The Gift – an Easter story, of sorts
The Life of a Tree – a nature tale
The Little Starry Bird - an Easter tale
The Midsummer Mouse
The Owl and I – a poem
The Snail's Creation Myth
The Sparrow's Psalm to God
The Sun and the Butterfly
The Tale of Stick
The Tale of the Scissors
The Tallest Flower
The telling Tale of the Cup – a fable
The tragic Tale of the Plate
The Twelve Wise Owls and the Wolf – a fable
There's a Rhino in my Tea – a Silly Willy tale
What the fire fairies said – a poem
Why Cows do moo at the Moon – a Silly Willy humorous tale
Why Cows have beautiful Eyes – a Silly Willy tale

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