Adam's Alphabet

Adam and Sophia are twins. Sophia has wings and Adam doesn’t. One day their parents leave. “Don’t go into the forest,” they said, but Adam did - he gave his word and broke it. Now he is lost and alone, and his voice is gone. Sophia flies overhead and drops a piece of paper. It flutters into the forest. Except for a lock of hair the paper is blank. Immediately, adventures and experiences unfold for Adam, some common, some extraordinary, some unearthly and beautiful. Letters appear on the paper as Adam wakes up to his ‘alphabet’. Slowly, painfully, joyously Adam wins his word back. 

Adam’s Alphabet is an alphabet tale unlike any written before. Multilayered and broad, it reads as a children’s book, but underneath run deeper waters that adults can also plumb for profit and pleasure if they take delight in the spoken word. 

Suitable for children aged 7 to 12.

Sample chapters: Preface and Ch.1Ch.2, Ch.3.

Paperback, 140 pages. Purchase Book


"Adam's Alphabet is the latest children's book by Reg Down and continues to document his impressive storytelling talents. Exceptionally entertaining and original, Adam's Alphabet is especially recommended to the attention of young readers ages 7 to 12, and would prove to be a popular addition to family, school and community library collections." Midwest Book Review

"A beautiful journey through the alphabet: My children and I really enjoyed this story of a boy who loses his family, and his voice, and has an adventure experiencing the essence of each letter of the alphabet as a message unfolds with the addition of each letter. This is not so much a beginner's intro to the letters, as a deepening of the experience of the letters, more for the over-7 child. Reg Down has such a gift for stories that seem simple on the surface, yet have layers of meaning waiting to be discovered." Amazon Review