All the Tiptoes' tales are for general family reading from kindergarten to age 10 or so. I am often asked about the order of my Tiptoes Lightly tales. Each title can be read separately since the tales exist in 'childhood time', however, there is a slight difference in tone and languaging. So here's my 'age' ordering (not chronological ordering) from younger to older.

1) The Bee who lost his Buzz. 2) The Tales of Tiptoes Lightly / The Festival of Stones / Big-Stamp Two-Toes the Barefoot Giant / The Alphabet / The Magic Knot / Eggs for the Hunting / The Starry Bird. 3) The Lost Lagoon. 4) The Midsummer Mouse. 5) The Treasure Cave  (This book is for grade 1 up to grade 4/5.)

The remaining books (below) are not Tiptoes books - see each synopsis for age appropriateness.


The Seven Saws of Speedy Weedy and Mosey Dawdle: and other tales of wisdom and nonsense

A collection of stories both short and long(er). Inside you'll find nature stories, fables, mystery tales, wonder tales, fairy tales, humorous tales and of course the seven saws of Speedy Weedy Hare and his unbeatable nemesis, Mosey Dawdle the Tortoise.

Suitable for children from late kindergarten through grade four.

Illustrated by the author-artist, 6x9, soft cover, perfect bound, 120 pages. $14.95  Purchase book

Midwest Book Review: "The Seven Saws of Speedy Weedy and Mosey Dawdle by Reg Down is an impressive and unfailingly entertaining collection of 26 stories ... Perfect for family bedtime story hours or rainy day family entertainment … very highly recommended for family, school, and community library collections." This review was a top pick "Reviewer's Choice".


The Alphabet: how Pine Cone and Pepper Pot (with the help of Tiptoes Lightly and Farmer John) learned Tom Nutcracker and June Berry their letters. 

Summer is almost over and Tom Nutcracker is soon to go to school. But deep in the forest on his father’s farm two gnomes called Pine Cone and Pepper Pot are worried. What if the school does not teach Tom his letters properly? What if the teacher messes the alphabet up? Then Tom might spell the Pine Cone as NEPI NOEC, or Pepper Pot as PREPREP TOP. He might even spell the famous Tiptoes Lightly as TOESPIT THIGLLY. That would be a disaster. A huge disaster! So the two gnomes, with the help of Tiptoes Lightly and Farmer John, set out to teach Tom his letters. Tom’s younger sister, June Berry, insists on being taught too, and never will they, or anyone else who reads this tale, forget their ABC’s – or their LMNOP’s or QRST’s either. 

Whether your child knows their alphabet or not Pine Cone and Pepper Pot guarantee that they will see the letters and their shapes with new and creative eyes. The Alphabet is filled with stories, songs, pictures, plays and adventures silly and bold. 

The Alphabet is a large format, full color book, suitable for children from late kindergarten to grade three – and for teachers and homeschoolers seeking to enrich the art of learning to write. 8.5 x 11 format, 90 pages, $24.95  Purchase book

The Alphabet has proven popular and now has its own page. It is an image-dependent book and I have posted eight sample pages, plus the initial chapters as an introduction. PrologueChapter 1Chapter 2  Enjoy!

PS - the humorous use of the word 'learned' instead of 'taught' in the subtitle, while colloquial, is correct. It dates from circa 1300 and extends into our times - it is used in the southern USA, western Ireland and rural England. I am in the luminous company of Shakespeare, Disraeli, Wodehouse et al. in its use. See this PDF of the Oxford English Dictionary definition. :)

Midwest Book Review: "The Alphabet is very highly recommended and is as subtly educational as it is sheer fun!"

Waldorf Today Review: "If Waldorf Today awarded a Children's Book of the Year, The Alphabet would be the hands-down choice for 2015!" 

Amazon Reviews: "Great story with beautiful illustrations. A must-have for your personal library."  "Captivating story. One of my favorite Waldorf homeschool tools to date."


A Tangle of Tales: short stories for children 

Newly edited and expanded: a collection of fifty-two stories for children. Inside you’ll find nature tales, riddle tales, fables, fairy tales, poems, and creation myths both serious and sanguine. Suitable for children from kindergarten through grade four. Tons of illustrations and drawings.

Many of these stories are suitable for teachers too!  

Illustrated by the author-artist, 6x9, soft cover, perfect bound, 128 pages. $14.95  Purchase book

 Review: "A Tangle of Tales is a great "read-aloud" repository for homeroom, storytime, bedtime, or the simple joy of parent-child reading time - highly recommended." Midwest Book Review

King Red and the white Snow

King Red is a red king, everything is red, his cape, his crown, even his little finger. One winter’s day it snows. The snow is the whitest King Red has ever seen and he just has to go a-walking. So begins the first of six tales centered on the wonderful world of color, a world children experience as vivid and full of life. Inside you’ll find The Rosy Princess and the yellow Elf, The orange Gnome from Spain, the melancholic Boohoo Blue and more. Come visit!

Suitable for kindergarten through grade 3. Illustrated in watercolor. 44 pages. 8x10 format. $11.95 Purchase book.

PS - it has a winter cover but the book is not a book for winter. :)

“Beautifully illustrated in watercolor, King Red and the white Snow by author/illustrator Reg Down, is eminently suitable and highly recommended for children. Certain to be enduringly popular … King Red and the white Snow is an ideal bedtime picture book for families.” Midwest Book Review


The Nine Lives of Pinrut the Turnip Boy.

On Amazon, as a Kindle ebook or at some of my vendors.

"With "The Nine Lives of Pinrut the Turnip Boy" author Reg Down again demonstrates a lively imagination combined with superbly crafted storytelling skills that will engage and entertain young readers ranging from grade 3 to grade 6. Very highly recommended for school and community library collection ... " The Midwest Book Review

This book began as a lark but kept on growing - especially when teachers and parents contacted me to say their kids loved this slightly zany, fast-paced tale. His fans have been of mixed ages, too: grade 3, 4, 5, 6 - also the kids in a grade 8 were highly amused by him and inspired to write similar tales of their own as part of their writing block.  

There was once a turnip. He was an ordinary turnip, one you’d pass by without noticing. He grew in a row of turnips, one of many rows of turnips in a field that was one of many fields of turnips. That’s how ordinary this turnip was. Neither bigger, nor smaller, nor fatter, nor skinnier, nor longer, nor sweeter, nor more peppery: that’s how he was. And he had company, as you can imagine, for there were lots like him—thousands in fact.
One summer’s evening this turnip up and left. He’d had enough. He pulled himself from the ground, turned upside down, and took off on his leafy stalks. He ambled along the row and out of the field.
“Hey, you can’t do that!” cried the other turnips.
“Watch me,” said the turnip.
And watch him we will, through all nine lives: in America, Canada, China, New Zealand, New Guinea, Mars and Wobbles. Naturally he has a few adventures on the way, but his skills and savvy, indeed, his sheer existence, also come to the attention of the devilish boss of a nefarious GMO seed corporation called Nonsanto. Need we say more?!
Sample chapter: The First Life of Pinrut the Turnip Boy  See the Stories and Tales or Story List pages for more lives.
Paperback, 132 pages, 6x9 format. Purchase Book: Amazon $14.95 or Kindle $9.95

Amazon Review: "Lovely book! My 6 yr old loves this book and hasn't put it down since she received it as a gift! She is an advanced reader (1st grader reading at a 3rd grade level) and it can be hard to find books that are age appropriate but advanced enough to challenge her and keep her interested in reading. She loves all of Reg Down's books and this is no exception. Great story that is entertaining to children and adults!"


Adam's Alphabet

Adam and Sophia are twins. Sophia has wings and Adam doesn’t. One day their parents leave. “Don’t go into the forest,” they said, but Adam did - he gave his word and broke it. Now he is lost and alone, and his voice is gone. Sophia flies overhead and drops a piece of paper. It flutters into the forest. Except for a lock of hair the paper is blank. Immediately, adventures and experiences unfold for Adam, some common, some extraordinary, some unearthly and beautiful. Letters appear on the paper as Adam wakes up to his ‘alphabet’. Slowly, painfully, joyously Adam wins his word back. 

Adam’s Alphabet is an alphabet tale unlike any written before. Multilayered and broad, it reads as a children’s book, but underneath run deeper waters that adults can also plumb for profit and pleasure if they take delight in the spoken word. 

Adam’s Alphabet is suitable for children aged 7 to 12.

Individual chapters: Preface and Ch.1Ch.2Ch.3, ... see the Stories and Tales page for more sample chapters.

Paperback, 140 pages, 6 x 9 format, $16.50 Purchase book

Midwest Book Review "Adam's Alphabet is the latest children's book by Reg Down and continues to document his impressive storytelling talents. Exceptionally entertaining and original, Adam's Alphabet is especially recommended to the attention of young readers ages 7 to 12, and would prove to be a popular addition to family, school and community library collections."


The Adventures of Jayne: the cat who was a dog.

A book for children who love animals! Jayne is a cat, raised as a dog. Found as a new-born she is brought up with a litter of puppies. Jayne does not turn out to be just any kind of dog, she is the top dog, the main-man dog, the king-of-the-castle dog. She holds her tail up straight when she walks and brooks no nonsense. When they go for a stroll everyone has to stay behind her: her brothers and sisters, her doggy-daddy and doggy-mommy, even the human she keeps as chief backscratcher and can opener. Jayne is a tough cookie—as tough as nails and as cool as cucumbers come—as she proves in (almost) all her adventures: with Big-Bad and Bengal Bob, flying and skydiving, as lifesaver extraordinaire and later as mayor of the great city of New Philawashingyork.

The Adventures of Jayne is a fun tale for family reading or for children to read themselves. Suitable for grade 1 to grade 5.

Paperback, 130 pages, 6 x 9 format, $15.95  Purchase book

"Fabulous book! My daughter loves it. We are reading it for at least the third time now-Reg Down books are our favorites!" Amazon Review

"Great kids book and entertaining for the adult reading as well. My son loved this book. The continuing theme was one more chapter, one more chapter every night at bedtime. The story line is clever and entertaining. I also enjoyed the adult social commentary subtly running through the story, especially the last third. The illustrations are beautiful. Reg Down's books have been part of our lives for about the past four years. We purchase each new book as soon as it is released." Amazon Review

"Hilarious reading for 6 and 8 year olds: My children loved having this book read to me. It started out as a book for my 6 year old, but my 8 year old could not resist coming and sitting in my lap as well. The book is really funny, with the kids both laughing frequently. The book is also extremely well written. The vocabulary in the book is fantastic and the story flows beautifully." Amazon Review

"... on a whim and want everyone to know how great these stories are. I read this book with my children this summer after buying the book on a whim and want everyone to know how great these stories are. We have enjoyed books by Reg Down many times, and this one has taken first place. Jayne is strong and flawed and funny and ridiculous. My 10 year old and 6 year old children love the book as does their 63 year old grandmother. Charming, charming tales." Amazon review

"What fun! My 6 and 8 year old were fully engaged as we journeyed with Jane. At the close of the book both of them asked, "So when does then next Jayne book come out?" Her adventures were imaginative, playful and exciting." Amazon Review

Individual chapters (minus some of the illustrations): Ch.1Ch.2Ch.3Ch.4, ... see the Stories and Tales page for more sample chapters.

PS - For those of you who thought that the chapter in The Adventures of Jayne about Jayne flying in airplanes was just a wild story - NOT TRUE! See this news clip about Jayne's cousin: Cat takes accidental ride on Airplane!


 The Treasure Cave: sea tales of Tiptoes Lightly

Tiptoes Lightly loves the sea, and when Farmer John and his children, Tom Nutcracker and June Berry, drive to the seaside for Thanksgiving she goes along with them. Tom and June discover a freshly uncovered cave in bluffs that run along the shore. They call it their Treasure Cave just for fun, but then find seven beautiful pearls and a finely wrought golden chain buried in the sand. Tiptoes sets out to find the story behind the pearls, and soon a delicate web of tales begins to unfold. Stretching back to the creation of the world, they weave together until Tiptoes and the children are caught up in the ongoing drama between the Sea King and his lovely daughter.

This book is older in tone than the other Tiptoes Lightly books, and while it is intended for family reading, it is more suited to grade 1 through grade 4 children.

172 pages, 6x9 format, $16.75 Purchase book

Sample chapters: Chapter 1Chapter 7Chapter 8Chapter 14,  The Real Story of the Thanksgiving Turkey

Reviews: "Reg Down has done it again in his unique style—magnificently imaginative and utterly entertaining. The Treasure Cave is a heart-warming gift to families to help find a new meaning in Thanksgiving through the wonder of Tiptoes Lightly. Five Stars!" David Kennedy, Waldorf Today

And a great review from Midwest Book Review: "A deftly crafted novel by an experienced and talented author and illustrator of books for children, "The Treasure Cave" continues the Tiptoes Lightly stories with its superbly drawn characters and thoroughly engaging storyline. Wonderfully entertaining, "The Treasure Cave" is especially recommended for young readers ages 6 through 10 and will make an enduringly popular addition to both school and community library children's fiction collections. Also very highly recommended for young readers are Reg Down's previous children's books: "Tales of Tiptoes Lightly", "Eggs for the Hunting", "The Lost Lagoon", "The Magic Knot ~ and other tangles!" and "The Midsummer Mouse."


 The Midsummer Mouse - midsummer tales of Tiptoes Lightly and the Summer Queen.

Available on Amazon and Kindle or from my many vendors.

The sun is rising higher into the sky every day. Summer has come and Farmer John builds a great pile of wood for the Midsummer's Eve festival taking place on his land. Tom Nutcracker and June Berry's whole school is coming to celebrate. June Berry forgets a basket with a cookie inside by the oak tree when they are helping their dad build the wood pile. A small detail to us, perhaps, but one which leads Jeremy Mouse on a merry dance as Jemima Mouse tries to preserve the cookie for the festival. Meanwhile, Pine Cone and Pepper Pot are not opening their door to anyone other than Tiptoes (and even then only reluctantly). Their beards, it seems, are entangled. Hopelessly entangled. This sends Tiptoes all over the forest to find a way to get pine resin out of beards. Then there is the problem of Ompliant the Elephant. What are Tom and June to do with him? How will they keep him out of sight? But the clever kids come up with a wonderful idea to hide a pachyderm in plain sight. Finally, the Summer Queen begins to appear here and there, and in the end joins the festival and tells The Tale of Turana before mysteriously vanishing before the crowd. 

The Midsummer Mouse is a summer tale, full of midsummer mirth, misadventure, mystery and delight. It will bring sparkles to children's eyes, and laughter to adults, too. Suitable, as always with Tiptoes Lightly tales, for family reading from kindergarten through age 10 or so. This book is a little older in tone overall, so save it for later if you have small children and are buying your first Tiptoes' book. 

Illustrated, 138 pages, price $16.50. (Kindle edition $9.95) Purchase Book on Amazon, on Kindle or from my many vendors.

REVIEW: "Tiptoes is at it again! Just in time for Midsummer, another in the Tiptoes Lightly series. Reg Down is a masterful storyteller and The Midsummer Mouse entertains through its many twists and turns leading to the appearance of the Summer Queen. An unbroken stream of unbridled imagination - just what children (and their parents) need now. If you're not a Tiptoes fan, this is your chance to 'get on board.'"  David Kennedy, Waldorf Today


The Darkling Beasts

Alf’s parents lose their home in the great financial downturn of the early twenty-first century. They take Alf and his friend, Siggy, to a visiting carnival to have a bit of fun. Alf and Siggy get stuck in a dilapidated Hall of Mirrors and end up miles away with the beer belly owner and his amply x-sized mum. That’s when the boys discover a portal in the Hall of Mirrors. It leads to a world turned completely inside out to ours. In Instar, the sun lies at the center of a great sphere, waxing and waning during the day and vanishing at night. They meet the slim and beautiful Mia, who takes them into her tilting—the tall, slender buildings that rise above the forest and sway with the wind. The tiltings, however, are surrounded by a high defense wall with vicious spikes on top. Living in the day is fine, or so it seems to an outsider, but when night comes the gates are shut against the darkling beasts that rage outside. 

Filled with drama and humor, The Darkling Beasts  is a cautionary tale; it addresses some of the great issues the upcoming generations will have to face.

The Kindle Edition $7.95 Purchase Book

Print Edition: 9 x 6 format, 184 pages, $15.50 - Purchase Paperback  Suitability: not below age 12.

Review: " ... the best sort of reading for teens (and those of us who are older): The Darkling Beasts is a captivating page-turner that will keep any young person reading and reading and reading." Nancy Parsons, Waldorf Books


Eggs for the Hunting 

starring Pine Cone and Pepper Pot and the illimitable Tiptoes Lightly

Spring is full of life and life is full of eggs, all sorts of eggs: great cosmic eggs and tiny butterfly eggs, salmon eggs and bird eggs, rabbit eggs and special eggs being gilded and painted by two gnomes called Pine Cone and Pepper Pot. They have been told (gossiped, to be correct) that Farmer John’s children, Tom and June, are going to give them special eggs for Easter, and they decide to reciprocate. However, if you are a gnome, a small gnome—even if you are two small gnomes—then the simplest of tasks (such as finding a bird who does not mind giving you a couple of their eggs) can be a problem ... !!! 

Woven into the fabric of the book are many tales, myths and legends: Pepper Pot reads the history of King Karnac and the Turning of Time, Madam Two-Pecks tells her chicks how the universe was created from the World Egg, and the Wise Salmon in Running River tells the fingerlings about the great cycle, the Egg of Life. ‘Eggs for the Hunting’ is a spring tale, a wonder tale, affirming the joy, humor and mystery of life.

Suitable for kindergarten through grade 3 or 4. Soft cover, 108 pgs, $14.95 Purchase Book or Kindle edition

A triplet of reviews: "Perfect spring tale for all ages: I fell in love with these books instantly, as did my 5 children. I think this one captures the innocence of spring and Easter beautifully. My children begged for more and I ended up reading this book in only two nights. It would make a wonderful gift in the Easter basket!" Kelly - Amazon Review

"If you aren't a Tiptoes fan yet, "Eggs for the Hunting," the seventh book in the Tiptoes Tales, is a great place to start. It's a wonderful book for young children, highly imaginative and utterly entertaining."David Kennedy Waldorf Today

"Eggs for the Hunting" is an entertaining twist for younger readers, very much recommended." Midwest Book Review  


 January 2013: Now available in Kindle (only)


Once, long ago, there lived a simpleton. He was so simple that he ate his soup with a fork and buttered his bread with a spoon. But he was a kind soul who spoke with the animals, and they came to him when they were hurt or needed help. In summertime, butterflies flitted about his head, and it was a common sight to see him walking along, paying not the slightest heed, while round and round his head the butterflies shimmered and danced. The townsfolk laughed and jeered and called him Butterbrains—or worse—but he never seemed to mind and went on his way.

Now the king of the land had a beautiful daughter. She was as fair as the sun and as mysterious as the moon. One day she fell terribly ill; so ill that none of the doctors could help her and everyone thought she would die.

One night she had a dream, and calling her father to her she said: "I dreamed that if a man journeys through the twelve kingdoms surrounding our castle I will become well again."

This is how the story begins and off Butterbrains goes through the twelve kingdoms and twelve extraordinary adventures until he arrives back (transformed, of course) and wins the hand of the lovely princess. 

Available on Amazon's Kindle here. $3.95 No Kindle? No problem. Here's the link to their free download of their reader to your PC.

Sir Gillygad and the Gruesome Egg

Sir Gillygad is a knight, a doughty knight who rides about on his trusty frog called Gorf. They venture forth on adventures bold and exciting: to the Twinkle, to Holey Hill, to the Plain of Dreams—even as far as World's End. Then rumors are heard, rumors of an egg, a Gruesome Egg, with two leggs, a left leg and a right leg, and the leggs were bird’s leggs—which makes sense in an eggy sort of way. It is haunting the Daark Forest close to the Mumbly Mews and the gerwine Greneff.  So off Sir Gillygad gallops (well, hoppedy-hops), there to meet and confront this unique and remarkable beast.

 Sir Gillygad and the Gruesome Egg is an adventuresome tale, suitable for children aged 9 to 12 or thereabouts—and adults too, if they still are young at heart and open to the wonders that speak to the mystery of life and becoming.

"What a fabulous story. I read it aloud to our almost 9 year old, and he loved it, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it too. As another reviewer noted, there is a range of emotions here, including sad and melancholic moments (which is why the author recommends it for older kids), but don't let that put you off as it feels quite real and genuine and not forced. Overall the characters are engaging, quirky, whimsical, and a few times amusingly baffling. Highly recommended." Amazon Review

59 illustrations + 23 capitals, 6x9 format, soft cover, 168 pages, $16.50. Purchase book or Kindle edition


The Fetching of Spring (a tale for grown-ups - 14 and up)

The Golden Bird has been stolen (apparently) and Tik-Tak is sent to fetch it. The naive and dreamy youth rides southwards (it’s warmer in that direction), gets kicked out of two kingdoms, meets Erce-Ma, loses his hopeless steed, gains a (much) better one, stumbles into the Undwelling and its townships, descends into Akkman’s Dwell, rescues the bird (and other abductees), returns (still not fully awake) with the bird, refuses the hand of the Princess (what!), becomes a successful entrepreneur, is jailed > is released > then steals the bird (wrong order, I know, but that’s the truth), returns to Spring, returns to Tansa, gets familied, assumes the kingship and unites the Three Kingdoms (well, it’s a work in progress).

The Fetching of Spring, written with a humorous nod to the fairy tale, has a deadly serious subtext. Setting out from the Kingdom of the Golden Bird, our hero descends via the earthly into contemporary sub-earthly realms to confront Akkman, the ruling spirit of materialism.

Soft cover; 248 pages. Purchase Book or Kindle edition

"The Fetching of Spring is wonderful reading of the very best sort: a story true and strong, told with joy and wonder, clarity and hope.  This one is not to be missed." Waldorf Books

"The Fetching of Spring is an excellent pick for anyone looking for a fun take on the fairy tale fantasy." Midwest Book Review


The Lost Lagoon ~ Adventures of Tiptoes Lightly and Greenleaf the Sailor

It is spring and Running River is in full flood. Tiptoes Lightly and Jeremy Mouse visit Greenleaf the Sailor and venture forth in his newly made leaf boat. Soon they are joined by Pine Cone and Pepper Pot the Gnomes and together they search for the Lost Lagoon the frogs have been so beautifully singing about.

Meanwhile, Farmer John reads The Adam Tales to Tom Nutcracker and June Berry. Later, Tom impulsively rides off on Chiron and he too comes to the Lost Lagoon. What happens on this night, with its majestic, rising moon, is filled with a wonder and magic that won't soon be forgotten.

With tons of illustrations and drawings, this book is suitable for reading to children from late kindergarten to grade 3, or used as a reader in grades 2 to 4.   Purchase Book or Kindle edition

“The Lost Lagoon”  is a fun and recommended pick for younger readers." Midwest Book Review


The Tales of Tiptoes Lightly

The Bee who lost his Buzz
Pumpkin Crow
Lucy Goose and the Half-egg

Tiptoes Lightly lives in an acorn high in the branches of a Great Oak Tree. Her tree sits on a knoll overlooking Running River, and she and her friends have a host of adventures. First they help the bee who lost his buzz – snagged on a thorn belonging to grumpy Mr. Cactus! Then they visit the house of Pine Cone and Pepper Pot and sail down to the sea to untangle Octopus – he’s too young to count his legs properly and gets them mixed up!

Later they journey to Snowy Mountain to hear from Jack Frost what kind of being he really is – and Jack tells the dramatic tale of how he came to be. Finally, after many adventures big and small they find out who the real mother of the half-egg is – the one that Lucy Goose found in the mud and is determined to hatch along with her own eggs.

Lavishly illustrated by the author-artist, these are simple, innocent and magical tales set in nature. Humorous, reverent, sanguine and droll, they are suitable for reading to young children (kindergarten to grade 3) or for young children to read (grades 1 – 4). Soft cover; 104 pages.  Purchase Book or Kindle edition

Also available in Spanish and German.

“I wish there was something like this (Tiptoes Lightly) when my two children were growing up. It’s a wonderful book.” Louise Riveiro-Mitchell – author of ‘Autumn Sky’ Book Review Cafe 


 Big-Stamp Two-Toes the Barefoot Giant ~ Spring Tales of Tiptoes Lightly  

Big-Stamp is all about spring, when nature is alive and abundant and renewing. Jemima Mouse has tiny mouslings, the like of which Ompliant the Elephant cannot believe – they’re as furless and pink as a jelly bean! On they way, Ompliant has his leg pulled by the jokester Chit-Chat the Chipmunk, and later Tom Nutcracker bravely follows Ompliant’s giant footprints deep into the forest. He sees Ompliant at close quarters and scoots up a tree in terror. Now Tom is hopelessly treed, and there’s only one body big enough, with a trunk long and strong enough, to help him down. Luckily Tiptoes Lightly is there to build her magic bridges.

Other adventures are had too. Tiptoes sails down to the sea on a leaf and meets Spinner the Dolphin. She guides him up Running River, and she and Tom and June Berry show him his first flowers. Then Pine Cone and Pepper Pot the gnomes sail to Pixie Island and hear from Miranda how the blue and yellow Forget-me-not flower got its name. Afterwards, while visiting a huge boulder, Tiptoes and the gnomes are told by the rock spirit how ‘The Rock’ came to be sitting in the middle of the forest – because of Big-Stamp Two-Toes the Barefoot Giant, of course!

Extensively illustrated by the author, these are magical, humorous and reverent tales set in nature. Suitable for reading to children (kindergarten to grade 3 or 4) or for young children to read (grades 1 – 4). Soft cover; 100 pages. Purchase Book or Kindle edition

"Love it! We have read all of the Tiptoes series and would HIGHLY recommend them to any child." Amazon Review


 The Festival of Stones ~ Autumn and Winter Tales of Tiptoes Lightly

Tiptoes Lightly and her friends celebrate the best of the autumn festivals: Michaelmas, Halloween, Martinmas, Advent and Christmas. Many adventures are had and festival tales told: at Michaelmas Farmer John recounts ‘The Most Beautiful Dragon in the Whole World’ to his children, Tom Nutcracker and June Berry, and on Christmas day he reads them ‘The Burden Bull of Scotland’. Tiptoes also tells tales – her favorites being ‘The Myth of Ella-jah’ which recounts how the animals were created, and the story of ‘The Sun-child and the Birds’ which she tells on Christmas eve.

On the way, Jeremy Mouse meets Olivia who lives inside an olive tree, is frightened at Halloween (by a You-know-what!), and almost drowns in Soggy Mire because the ice is too thin for sliding on – luckily he is saved by Mr. Owl the Vegetarian! Finally, Tiptoes and Jeremy Mouse build the first, and finest, snow-mouse the world has ever seen.

Capturing the inner mood of nature during autumn and winter, these lavishly illustrated tales are reverent, humorous and sacred. Suitable for reading to children (kindergarten to grade 3 or 4) or for young children to read (grades 2 to 4). Soft cover; 100 pages. Purchase Book or Kindle edition

“This is a fascinating book by an extraordinarily imaginative writer.” The Reading Tub Review


 The Magic Knot ~ and other tangles!

The Magic Knot is a making-tale comedy starring Pine Cone and Pepper Pot the gnomes. They decide, since it is soon to be Tiptoes' birthday and she has no furniture in her house, to make her one table and three chairs. A simple task for clever gnomes - so we would think! But, from the finding of the 'perfect' branch to getting the table and chairs to the top of the Great Oak Tree where Tiptoes' acorn house swings back and forth, things go awry. On the way they get help from a host of friends: Ompliant the Elephant, Jeremy Mouse, the Carpenter Ants, Chiron the Pony and Spin-a-lot the Spider (to name just a few). Finally, when her surprise birthday party rolls around, Tiptoes tells the enchanting tale of how she came to live in the Great Oak Tree as a daughter of Father Sun and Mother Wind.

The Magic Knot is lavishly illustrated by the artist-author. It is full of innocent, sanguine humor, and is suitable for reading to young children or for young children to read (ages 4 to 9).

An additional story, The Tale of None, is found at the end of the book. It is about a ladybug who had no spots—none at all!—until she completes her spot-finding journey to India, Africa and America.  Purchase Book or Kindle edition

"This book is a must have for any child, right along with all of Reg Down's books. We have read this book many times and you will not be disappointed." Amazon Review


The Starry Bird ~ an Easter tale

A great book for the Easter basket! Have you got yours?

One morning an egg appears in the meadow below the Great Oak Tree. Neither Jeremy Mouse nor the fairy Tiptoes Lightly have ever seen such a huge egg – over a foot tall! They go to Farmer John’s in search of an answer, but without any luck, and when they return the egg has grown!

Thus begins an adventure which involves most everybody on the farm – human, animal and sprite. The egg, later hidden deep in the forest, keeps growing and finally hatches in a beautiful way on Easter Sunday.

The Starry Bird is an Easter tale with healthy doses of humor, adventure, and just plain fun. But underneath, in a form suitable for children, run the mystery-questions of life, death and resurrection that lie at the heart of Easter.

Illustrated; soft cover; 110 pages. Suitable for kindergarten through grade 3 or 4.  Purchase Book or Kindle edition

"Parents and children will enjoy The Starry Bird, the perfect book to send along with a favorite young person on their spring vacation or in their Easter basket." Midwest Book Review


The Bee who Lost his Buzz

A picture book from The Tales of Tiptoes Lightly

For years my readers have been telling me that I should illustrate my books in color. Well folks, here is the first adventure from The Tales of Tiptoes Lightly

 The Bee who Lost his Buzz follows Tiptoes and Jeremy Mouse as they help the Bee whose buzz has been snagged by grumpy Mr. Cactus. Then, after Pine Cone and Pepper Pot the gnomes unplug the apple that’s stuck in Ompliant the Elephant’s trunk, Tiptoes helps the Worm who has lost his squirm and cannot wiggle back into the safety of his home under the ground. Later, along with the red-capped gnomes, they sail down Running River to the ocean to help little Octopus untangle his legs. He’s too young to count them properly (he can only count to seven), and whenever he tries gets them hopelessly mixed up.

The Bee who Lost his Buzz is an innocent and magical tale suitable for reading to young children or for young children to read. It is an ideal book for children from preschool through grade one or two.

Picture book, 8 x 10, soft cover, 40 pages. Purchase Book

Also available in Spanish and German.

"The Bee Who Lost His Buzz”  is ideal for teaching children how much fun reading can be." Midwest Book Review


The Cricket and the Shepherd Boy ~ A Christmas Tale

A young shepherd hears a cricket singing at his feet. The cricket speaks to him and foretells that the coming winter will be both special and especially cold. Then he disappears back into the grass.

The winter is indeed especially harsh, but on a star-studded night the cricket and the shepherd boy make their way to a manger huddled low between two hills. There they find a mother and father with a child who radiates light and warmth into the world.

This innocent and warmhearted nativity tale is intended for parents to read to their children at Christmas time. While the story itself is timeless, this tale is most suitable for children from preschool to grade four or five.

 Picture book, 8 x 10, soft cover, 40 pages.  Purchase Book

" ... highly recommended ... brings the generous and reverent spirit of Christmas to life ..." Midwest Book Review

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Un joven pastor escucha un grillo cantando cerca de sus pies. El grillo habla con él y predice que el próximo invierno será especial y también especialmente frío. Luego el grillo desaparece entre la hierba. 

El invierno resulta ser especialmente duro, pero en una noche decorada por muchas estrellas, el grillo y el joven pastor se dirigen a un pesebre que está entre dos colinas. Allí encuentran una madre, un padre y un niño que irradia luz y calor para el mundo. 

Este inocente y cálido cuento de la Natividad está dirigido a los padres para que se lo lean a sus niños en la época navideña. Aunque el relato es atemporal en sí mismo, este cuento es más adecuado para los niños de entre preescolar y cuarto o quinto grado de primaria. 


Color and Gesture - the inner life of color  Now available on Amazon - the second, revised and updated edition

Color and Gesture explores the inner life of color in a way that only eurythmy and the initiation science of Rudolf Steiner make possible. What appears is a world of incredible richness, depth and beauty in the most common, unlikely and unexpected of places—gesture. Gesture reveals the human soul, and the fabric of the soul is color; as a result, we find that the souls’ infinite expressiveness, with all its goodness, pathos, waywardness and humor, is intimately woven through with color experiences.

When we approach gesture via color, we discover whole gesture families, with, at times, the most unforeseen of bedfellows. We gain new insights into soul gestures, acting gestures, animal, planetary and zodiac gestures. The underlying eurythmic gestures of speech and music are also explored, and we learn to experience how the color chords underlying gesture are themselves a structured, musically-ordered language.

And when we approach color via gesture, we find inner laws, relationships and dynamics which allow us to gain, via artistic activity, not only a deeper understanding of color as a whole, but also a conscious foothold in the astral and etheric worlds.

Contents include: 51 Chapters plus Overview and Indexes, 250+ Figures and 170+ Haloes.
Subjects covered: Color Dynamics, Rudolf Steiner’s Eurythmy Figures, Soul Gestures, Color Figures, Acting Figures, Animal Gestures, Speech and Music Figures, Eurythmy Exercises, Elements and Ethers, Etc.

Available from the author, Rudolf Steiner College Bookstore,  AWSNA Publications,  Waldorf Books or Amazon

Retail: $38.50, Perfect bound, Format: 8.5 x 11, Pages: 552.    Purchase now!

"Reg Down’s Color and Gesture is a monumental work that explores in depth and with beauty the inner life of color ... this is an amazing book!" Nancy Parsons - Waldorf Books

See the Color and Gesture page for further reviews.

Leaving Room for the Angels - Eurythmy and the Art of Teaching

Review from AWSNA Chief Editor: "This is a remarkable book! The first section should be read by all Waldorf teachers. It contains wisdom and practical advice that will benefit every teacher. It is especially insightful with regard to adolescence. The second part of the book is for eurythmists. Reg Down illustrates forms and gives special hints to make life easier for all eurythmy teachers."

AWNSA Publications: Softbound • 240 Pages.

Available from AWSNA Publications, Rudolf Steiner College Bookstore and Waldorf Books.

"This is a remarkable book! The first section should be read by all Waldorf teachers. It contains wisdom and practical advice that will benefit every teacher." David Mitchell, Editor in Chief, AWSNA Publications